Plex is a very popular option for streaming media, particularly for users who’ve amassed significant digital media collections. While the free Plex account options provide a lot of users what they want, the Plex Pass does give a lot more flexibility. Under Plex Pass, you get access to a number of features which increase the possibilities for your streaming. This includes Photo and Music options, support for Live TV (including via network streaming like the HD Homerun) and offline syncing.

Plex pass has been around for a while now, 8 years in fact and to celebrate the milestone of Plex Pass turning 8 years old, they’re running a special. Normally a lifetime Plex Pass would set you back AU$159.99 but until 11 PM Eastern time tonight, you’ll pick it up for US$88.00 (around AU$119.45) which is a significant saving. The savings mount up further if you’re a regular user, where a year would normally cost AU$65.00 the current special is just over two years worth.

If you’re keen and head for the checkout, make sure you use the code: 8PLEXPASS8 to get the discount over the normal cost.

What features do you want from a streaming service that you’re not getting from your current options?