A few days ago we noted that the privacy policy at Plex had changed, with the potential for some data to be shared with third parties. Understandably some users were quite concerned by this and voiced their opinions vocally to the company prompting a response from their CEO Keith Valory.

The response outlines the fact that they didn’t try to sneak this by anyone, being transparent about the changes. Personally I applaud the fact that they emailed their user base rather than simply hide the update in their policies until someone noticed it and then deal with the likely fallout. He goes through the reasons for the changes in policy particularly around the removal of the opt out for the anonymous data collection.

The big question at the forefront of many peoples minds is also answered…
Are Plex now selling your data to third parties?

No! God, no! Section F of the Use of Information section of the Privacy Policy does not allow us to sell your data. And we have absolutely zero desire to do so, ever. We’ve updated the summary to make this more clear, but I will state unequivocally here, we will NEVER sell any data, anonymous or otherwise, about your own personal library.

There is a lot of information to take on both in the privacy policies and the update a few days ago, so if you’re a Plex user it is absolutely worth your time to read the update and response from their CEO to the very real concerns lodged by users.

Do any Plex users out there have unaddressed concerns with the changes to their policies?

Source: Plex Blog.