Australian startup Unlockd has today expanded their offerings with the launch of a new app, Unlock Rewards. The app allows you to earn FlyBuys points just by viewing ads when you unlock your phone.

If you’re not familiar, Unlockd is a ‘value exchange platform’ – basically you watch ads and you get rewards like mobile credit, extra data or money off your phone bill. To date, it’s only been available through carriers in selected markets such as in the US, UK, Carribean, UAE and Vietnam – but with the launch of Unlockd Loyalty, we get the chance to use it in Australia.

Unlockd Loyalty brings this idea to Australia but offering up to 1,000 FlyBuys points a month instead, which can then be converted to rewards through the FlyBuys program. The ads are designed to be relevant and geo-targeted so you shouldn’t be getting any ads that won’t at least be of interest to you. When you unlock the phone, you’ll see an ad, then simply dismiss the ad or click through for more information.

FlyBuys offers a bunch of different vouchers, or even phones like the Galaxy S8 – though at 234,000 points you’ll be looking at ads for about 2.5 years before it pays off. FlyBuys is run by Wesfarmers, who owns Kmart, Coles etc. so you can top up your FlyBuys account when you purchase from Coles Supermarkets, Kmart, Target stores and more.

Matt Berriman, CEO and co-founder of Unlockd said of the launch:

Unlockd’s mission from day one has been to help people all around the world receive rewards from the value they create from moments spent on their digital devices. Our intention was always for Unlockd’s technology to be applied to multiple industries that could provide their consumers with this value exchange. We’re really proud to launch our third of many vertical product offerings here in my home country, and by partnering with flybuys, one of Australia’s largest and most loved loyalty programs.

The app is open to users running Android 5.0 and above on their phones, and you’ll need a FlyBuys account – don’t have one? Sign up from the app.

The first month is going to be key, with a double points bonus running for those who download the app and link their FlyBuys account. The promo runs until September 30th meaning you can earn up to 2,000 points from viewing ads in your first 30 days.

Looks pretty good if you’re ok with viewing ads, or if you’re in the FlyBuys program and looking to maximise your points earnings. My wife currently redeems our points for $20 vouchers regularly so that’s a good option if you’re not wanting to push to get a big reward. The app is now available on Google Play to download.

Unlock Rewards (exclusive to flybuys)
Unlock Rewards (exclusive to flybuys)
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    I have the app and for past 3 days and not one reward has registered on the app even though i have seen at least 30 ads. Useless.


    I have the app but it doesn’t seem to be working


    you can cash out and get JB Vouchers they cost about 20,000 points for $100

    Brad H

    Definitely giving this a shot. 1000 points a month is massive if you actually get to that goal. Thanks for the heads up. Doesn’t seem too intrusive so far.