Just like with their G6 earlier this year LG will be taking to the stage on Thursday in Berlin to announce a phone that we know basically everything about. Today we have seen more details leak and these details make me want to check one out even more.

We have seen details regarding the camera and the display leak, the innovative haptic feedback engine it will house, the DAC audio details of the phone, pictures, pictures and more pictures. What else is left?

How about another picture for starters? It seems that every render and image we have seen of this device look the same. Considering one of those came from Evan Blass we should consider the pictured design of the V30 as a done deal.

Not much new can be ascertained from this image but it does show that despite having a large focus on audio the V30 will still only have a single bottom-firing speaker.

The other day we reported that B & O Play would be tuning the audio in the V30. Today we also learned that the earphones included in the box with the LG V30 will be B & O Play branded. We wouldn’t expect such a premium brand to put their name to just any earphones so you would expect them to be of decent quality. LG often include decent earphones in their boxes so it’s good to see them continuing this.

For most people, listening to the music they love is a fundamental part of their lives and they expect the same uncompromised experience and quality from their headphones as they do from the mobile device they source music from. Thatโ€™s why B&O PLAY is very excited for our long-term partnership with LG and satisfying global music lovers world over.John Mollanger, CEO of B&O PLAY

With only a couple of days to wait until the announcement we will know what is left to know very soon. The announcement is seemingly anticlimactic though and most people will have their minds made up on this device already.

Have you? Are you looking to buy one of these?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Bottom firing speaker is consistent with an emphasis on high end audio quality – if you want to hear good music, plug in your favourite headphones to the quality DAC. The internal speaker is not intended for music playback.

Greg McPherson

Price is the question.
The phone ticks alot of boxes. Camera, screen, audio.
Things that the Essential phone and the Moto Z, my other two Maybe Phones, failed at.

Tim Crampton

I’m really looking forward to this phone to replace my broken galaxy S8. Really excited to have a phone with a flat screen instead of the S8’s silly curves.


u sure, i think this has curves

Tim Marshall

rounded corners when looking at it front on but the glass should be flat at the sides allowing simple cases with a lip to protect against some drops. S8 and friends taper down at the sides so if you had a case with a lip like that it would be uncomfortable to use the edges as they would dip down under it so you couldn’t press properly


You mean Friday in Australia… 1 September ?