Last year, prior to the Pixel phone announcement there was a lot of hype surrounding a possible Google Pixel Chromebook also arriving at the same time, running Andromeda. For one reason or another the Chromebook/laptop failed to materialise and Andromeda was shelved. Fast forward 12 months and we are seeing a lot of “evidence” of a Google-made Chromebook arriving with the Pixel phones in a few weeks time.

For a while now the folks over at Chromeunboxed have been tracking the development of a Chromebook with the codename “Eve”. All information gathered so far points to the device being a Google-made Chromebook and now thanks to benchmarking site Gfx we have some of the finer details of the specs of Eve.

From the above specs we can see that Eve will house the latest Kaby Lake processor from Intel, the Core i5-7Y54. Alongside this CPU is 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. The display is a 2400×1600 12 inch touch display — this ratio gives the display the same 3:2 display ratio as the Samsung Chromebooks released earlier this year.

This new information leads Chromeunboxed to say that they “have little doubt that Chromebook ‘Eve’ is the next Google Pixel”. Sounds familiar to what we hear last year but Chromebooks really need a decent shot in the arm, especially with the new Samsung Chromebooks not living up to their expectations so it is not much of a stretch to believe Google will be releasing Eve as their own Pixel Chromebook.

We will find out most likely on the 5th October, when the Pixel phones are announced. One thing for sure, if Google do announce a new Chromebook Pixel you can be sure it will not be cheap, based on all other Pixel devices they have made.

Would you consider a Chromebook Pixel? Or do you prefer a standard PC/Mac?

Source: Gfx.
Via: Chromeunboxed.
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Max Luong

Not sure I’d replace my current Chromebook Pixel 2015 with a new one. Being a convertible would be nice but probably not worth the entry price when the old one still works great.

Luke Vesty

OS: Android 7.1.1??

Max Luong

ChromeOS has an Android runtime now. I’m kinda waiting for a 7-9″ ChromeOS tablet to replace my Nexus 9. With a USB-C dock, you could plug it in and have a full desktop with monitor keyboard and mouse.

Luke Vesty

I’d love to see that happen too but I’m doubtful…


I currently have a Pixel C so would be looking forward to upgrading it to this Chromebook Pixel. Just hope that this time it makes it to Australia, as I don’t think the previous ones did?