Aldi Mobile customers using Value Packs are getting an update tomorrow, with the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) updating their plans to offer more across almost their entire suite of plans as well as a Jumbo option for big data users.

The big news for Aldi Mobile customers on the S and M plans is that they will now be able to rollover unused data on their plans to the next month. According to Aldi ‘unused data will rollover at the end of the expiry period provided you immediately recharge with a Value Pack of the same, or higher, value.’

Aldi’s S and M mobile plans come with 500MB and 1.5GB of data respectively, so you’d be using a very miniscule amount of data to be able to rollover unused portions.

Aldi Mobile customers on the XL and XXL plans will see increases in data with the XL plan going from 7GB to 8GB while the XXL plan will go from 9GB to 12GB – both plans include the option to rollover unused data.

Finally, Aldi Mobile has launched a ‘JUMBO’ plan offering unlimited standard calls and SMS, as well as 16GB Data (which includes data rollover) and 400 minutes to selected international numbers.

If you want to see the old vs new plans you can see them both here:

Unfortunately if you’re on the ‘L’ plan – there’s bad news, you don’t get any extras. Still, it’s a decent plan you’ve got there.

Aldi Mobile utilises the Telstra 4G network, so it gets decent coverage, but like any new mobile plan we recommend you check their Coverage Map to make sure you’re covered.

The new plans are in effect from today, any Value Packs purchased prior to September 13th will get the ‘Old’ plan inclusions, but top ups from the 13th will get the ‘New’ plan inclusions. If you want any more info, head over to the Aldi Mobile website.

Source: Aldi Mobile.
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    The most annoying sign up process. Got a $5 sim to try it out and got so frustrated I ended up throwing it in the bin. You can have the best plans in the world but if you can’t get set up what’s the point.


    I’ve never noticed, but does ALDI offer half price SIM card specials from time to time?