Ring have been very popular with us here at Ausdroid for a few reasons — they are cool tech, they work well and they provide extra security for us and our families. Since 2016 when Ring first entered the Australian market they have continued to develop their products and today have announced what appears to be significant upgrades to the products as well as a new one which looks ideal for our environment.

Today Ring have announced three new products that are available in Australia now: Ring Floodlight Cam, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Ring Pro. The doorbells are second generation products that offer upgrades over their first generation ancestors. The Ring Floodlight Cam though is something new and something that I suspect many people will love.

Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam is the world’s first (and only at this stage) outdoor motion-activated security camera with built-in floodlights. Taking a pair of “ultra-bright motion activated floodlights” Ring have added “proactive vision technology”, two-way audio, a HD (1080P) camera with video recording, a 110 decibel siren and app alerts. This siren is apparently equivalent to the volume of a jackhammer and the speaker is loud itself so you can actually shout into the app and have it project loudly to the intruder.

The sensor lights can also be scheduled to turn on at certain times or turned on at any time yourself by using the app. The HD camera uses 270 degree motion detection and incorporates facial and object detection and smart zoom with panning. It has a 140 degree field of view and adjustable motion zones to minimise false positives.

Ring Floodlight Cam should be installed by a licensed electrician, replacing existing floodlights or connected to standard junction boxes. It then connects to your home’s WiFi network and has access to Ring Video recording to capture any required footage.

Ring Floodlight Cam is available now online at Ring.com and instore at JB HiFi and Harvey Norman for just $379AUD.

Ring Doorbells

The upgraded doorbells are a step up from the previous offerings. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has an upgraded 1080P resolution camera with enhanced infrared night vision. It now also has a removeable battery allowing an easy recharge. Spare batteries can be purchased from Ring’s website for $50AUD.

The new Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the more permanent solution of the two. It is the slimmer of the two and it is hardwired into your house and thus never needs to be charged. It has the same 160 degree field of view HD camera, two-way audio as the Ring Video Doorbell 2 but it also features advanced motion detection with custom motion zones and a range of interchangeable faceplates to allow you to match it to your house. Both connect to your home’s WiFi.

Both are available this month online at Ring.com and in-store for $329AUD for the standard doorbell and $399 for the Pro version.

All Ring products can be controlled through their free app and can be integrated with Ring’s smart lock and alarm partners. The Basic Ring Video Recording plan is $4 AUD monthly or $40 AUD yearly per device. If you have more than three Ring devices, you can upgrade to the Unlimited Cameras plan for $150 AUD per year or $15 AUD per month.

We have reviewed Ring products over the journey and we love them. The new Floodlight Cam looks like a great way to protect my house (and more importantly the car) and should be a welcome addition to anyone looking to make their home smarter and safer.

Do you have any Ring products? How are they performing for you? Will you be getting the Floodlight Cam?

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Poxa conteúdo muito relevante para mim aprendi muito aqui voltarei aqui mais vezes com certeza. obrigado

Sam Parker

Nice I love the concept of the Ring doorbell.

David Anderton

The doorbell needs an output relay so you can open a gate or door. Would be very helpful for deliveries.

Chris Rowland

That kind of thing is probably a bit past Ring’s target consumer.


I noticed that the picture has it mounted at roughly door handle height. Wouldn’t it be better to mount it at average human height for the camera?


I love the concept of the Ring doorbell, so I bought one. Only in the fine print did it mention you need a minimum upload speed of 1mb to connect to your phone. Otherwise it’s just a doorbell, wonder how many others in non nbn areas are finding this out


Join the discussionYes, I had hoped to read in this report that the ridiculously fast 1Mbps upload requirement was no longer an issue, since many other users have reported that Ring doorbells are not working for them, specifically because of this. It would be great if they offered an SD version suitable for our super-slow asynchronous Aussie internet that didn’t generate such a huge video upload – after all, who needs HD video on their phone for a doorbell?