Samsung have put a lot of time and effort into producing a top notch Galaxy Note series phone after a less than stellar effort with last year’s attempt. This year they are offering a lot of extra incentives for customers to consider the Galaxy Note 8 as their next device. For those still on the fence Samsung are giving you the chance to check one out in person before the pre-orders finish to help you decide.

From today Australians can head into one of three Samsung Experience Stores and 24 Samsung studio locations across Australia and experience the Galaxy Note 8 in person. Samsung are confident that once people have a hands on with the device they will fall in love with the Infinity Display, the S-Pen, the dual lens camera with OIS and the Galaxy Note 8-dedicated software.

We are thrilled to give our Australian customers early access to experience the Galaxy Note8 in advance of on-sale on 22 September. It’s not until people have the device in-hand that they feel the difference with the Galaxy Note8 and understand why the Note range has such a strong and passionate following.Garry McGregor, Director, IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia

With the Galaxy Note 8 being available for purchase from the 22nd September this is a great time to check one out. Those who pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 will receive (at a minimum) a bonus Samsung wireless charger. Different telcos are offering different bonuses for pre-ordering the Note 8 so we recommend checking them out before pre-ordering anywhere.

The Galaxy Note 8 promises to be not just a great device but also a successful one, in spite of its RRP of $1,499. It is available to purchase from Friday next week so head in and check one out before you lock yourself into anything. Even if you have already pre-ordered it may be a good idea to give one a quick hands-on to be certain of your purchase.

Now that DHL have stopped playing return to sender with Ausdroid’s review unit we will give you our thoughts on it ASAP. Stay tuned for that.

Anyone here pre-ordered? Will the option to check it out beforehand help you with your decision one way or the other?

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Preordered the second it was announced. Just want my note series back and to get rid of the s7edge. For those that had the note 7 in Australia Samsung are now offering us 250 credit to spend in store if you take up the note 8 so that’s also a nice little bonus. For those upgrading to the note 8 from the 7 there’s a link here.


The Note8 was available for peopleto look at hands on at Harvey Norman Auburn last weekend..a gold one..still undecided $1499 just too much..discounts in US but not here will hurt Samsung in the end..waiting for the V30 to come out


Haven’t pre-ordered, but really contemplating getting onto the Note 8. I unfortunately am one of the Note 7 purchaser’s from last year and now stuck with the S7. Only thing that is deterring me is the fact that it’s 3300mah. Sure it could be a better processor that can handle the 3300mah compared to my s7 3600mah, but the fact that I can now just get a day’s use with the s7 is worrying. It’s possibly because of the syncing that I have going on the background that keeps my life in check, but I need that!

Tim Marshall

Yes, reports of battery degradation on the S7 have me spooked despite just ordering my wife an S8 cause her S5 smashed with finality. I don’t want to get the S8+ or the Note 8 for this reason as well as the curved glass but otherwise find the Note a very interesting option.

Anyone know the average time Telstra take after launch to drop their Samsung flagships by about 10 bucks a month?

Jason Thomas

I pre orfered and i Don’t care to test it as long as its as good as my trusty note5 love the S-pen