There are so many messaging apps around that many of us need multiple apps installed to talk to everyone we know — not everyone prefers the same one. Even with that it seems that so very many use Facebook Messenger.

This month Facebook have announced that their messaging app has hit the milestone of 1.3 billion people using their platform every month. This is more than their other messaging platform, Whatsapp and also more than the Chinese-centric WeChat.

Facebook are continuing to add more features to Messenger and this year have added filters and expressions to video chat as well as the ability to easily take a screenshot while in a video chat. They have also added turn-by-turn games to play against your friends as well as birthday reminders and virtual present suggestions.

Facebook Messenger is everywhere here in Australia and from this figure it appears in a vast number of other countries. Although I don’t use it as my go to messaging app there are friends of mine that do (as well as many businesses I use) and thus I am one of the 1.3 billion.

Are you? Is it your default messaging app? Why or why not?

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And I’m one of the other billions that don’t use facebook at all.