It is Pixel Eve and what would Pixel Eve be without carriers and stores accidentally revealing the upcoming products. In case you weren’t already sick of them here are a few more Pixel leaks along with a Google Home Mini deal that sounds very attractive.

Last year Google gave away a lot of free Daydream View headsets with their Pixel phones. This year it seems the deal will be for a Google Home Mini. According to an advertisement discovered by a Redditor in a Best Buy Canada pamphlet for every Pixel 2 pre-ordered you will receive a free Google Home Mini. There is no mention of the Pixel XL 2 giving weight to the rumour that it will not launch until November. There are photos of the Pixel XL 2 on the advertisement which lends us to believe that the offer will be extended to the Pixel XL 2 when that launches as well.

The ad also reveals the pricing of the Google Home Mini — $80CA which is approximately the same in Aussie dollars. The Redditor also gives a translation of the ad:

  • Discover Google Pixel 2
  • A new way to capture, store and see the world.
  • Preorder the Google Pixel 2 and receive a GOOGLE HOME MINI FREE OF CHARGE when you activate your phone [at a participating carrier].
  • Value of 80 CAD. Web #11615335/6
  • This product is subject to 0.25 CAD eco-charges [Quebec law]
  • Colors may vary by carrier

Along with the images of the Google Home Mini there are some nice renders of the Pixel XL 2 showing it’s minimal bezels and stylish back — although the white backing with black glass isn’t a favourite of mine.

While there is not much new here it makes you wonder if Australian carriers will follow suit as they did last year. I think I might hold off on pre-ordering from Google and Telstra until we see the deals. I’d love a free Google Home Mini and at $80AU-ish I think I may just have to pay for one too.

How about you? Don’t forget to tune in tonight or tomorrow morning for all the gritty details.

Source: Reddit.
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This is more exciting than the iPhone X. It is really a good smartphone.

Jay Tee

Are Telstra confirmed as the carrier?