Last year’s Daydream View was a fun device but it wasn’t perfect. After listening to users, Google has made changes to Daydream View to hopefully address some of the issues users have — and it is available here now.

The new Daydream View has upgraded high-performance lenses to give the user better image clarity and a wider field of view for a much improved experience.

One of the knocks on last year’s version was the fabric and how warm it made you. This year Google have changed the fabric to be a premium, two-toned fabric that comes in Fog (light grey), Charcoal and Coral. The use of a fabric keeps the device soft and lightweight.

There is now over 250 titles now available for Daydream including some new and exclusive content such as front row seats at an Ed Sheeran concert. There is now also the ability to Cast from your VR directly to your TV. Thje new Daydream View is compatible with Pixel 2, Pixel, Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy Note 8, ZenFone AR, Axon 7, Mate 9 Pro and Moto Z and Z2.

Once again the controller makes an appearance and looks to be the same as last year’s model.

Google, not only announced the new headset but also announced augmented (AR) reality availability for the Pixel 2 phones. AR allows users to interact with digital objects in real time and is exclusive to the Pixel 2 phones.

The Pixel 2 camera is calibrated for AR and enables object tracking in many light conditions including low light and offers 60 fps rendering of AR objects.

At this stage AR is limited to AR Stickers which are objects and characters that can be inserted into the scenery on the camera. At this stage Google have their own sticker packs but there are also some third party sticker packs such as “Netflix’s Stranger Things, Star Wars, NBA, SNL cast along with YouTube characters as well. More sticker packs are expected to launch soon not only from Google but also from more third parties as Google are opening up the API to allow developers to make their own sticker packs.

Google demonstrated on stage how the character interacts with the scene on the camera and the objects within it. More than one sticker can be inserted at a time and the stickers will then also interact with each other as well as the scene they are in. This feature looks like great fun and is one I cannot wait to try out.

It is available now for Aussies for $149 from the Google Store, Telstra and JB Hi-Fi. There is a bundle of games included with every Daydream View purchase until the end of the year for purchasers in the US, UK and Korea.

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Bummed that the AR is limited to the Pixel 2’s. Hoping it is a timed exclusive. Apple released AR for several device classes when it was ready.