Pixel Day is continuing and no doubt everyone is checking behind the cushions on the couch for spare change, or deciding which body organ to sell (hint, the liver regenerates) to afford some, or all, of the products Made By Google.

We have looked at the Pixel 2 pricing compared to the rest of the world thanks to Prisync but what about the other new Googley toys announced today?

We have made up our own table without the fancy GDP comparisons etc and just used a currency converter. If you look below you can see that our pricing is very comparable to other countries. Of course the US is a lot cheaper for most but Australia seems to come up in second place (or very close to) for all items – but bear in mind that the US Pricing does not include local sales tax, so it’s not all that much cheaper.

Daydream View Google Home Mini Pixel Buds
Australian $149 $79 $249
US $99 ($125.92AUD) $49 USD ($62.33AUD) $159USD ($202.24AUD)
UK £99 ($166.63AUD) £49 GBP ($82.47 AUD) £159GBP ($267.62 AUD)
Germany €109 ($162.99AUD) €59 (88.23AUD) €179 ($267.67)
Canadian $139CAD ($141.68AUD) $79CAD ($80.52) $219 CAD ($223.22AUD)

The worst country to live in and be a Google fan is Germany although these figures are misleading because their purchasing power through GDP per capita is the best of all the countries. For this reason take these figures with a grain of salt but what they do show is that there really isn’t much of an Australia Tax anymore that other countries do not also see.

We have heard you, the readers, loud and clear — you do not like the pricing of the Pixel 2 phones with many of you deciding to opt for other devices such as the Pixel XL 2’s distant cousin, the LG V30. How do you feel about the pricing of the other Made By Google devices produced today? What about the Australia Tax — Do you think it still exists or is it standard for all countries?

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Apple Airpods – US $159 – AU $229
Google Buds – US$159 – AU $249

They’re better at taxing us than the Government!