Happy Pixel Day. Well, it is a happy Pixel Day if you have managed to get yourself back up after being floored by the price of the new Pixel 2 phones. Yes, the Note 8 started it and Google are now following the trend of phones priced at over $1500.

The folks at Prisync have done analysis on the pricing of the Google Pixel 2 and how it compares from one country to another, to other devices and other variables. Read on to see how we compare to others.

When you compare the prices of the Pixel 2 per country we sit towards the top at a relative US$848.25. The US is the cheapest at a US$649 while Germany is the highest at a relative US$939.88. 2017 has brought a whole new level for phones to be priced here but it seems that this is the norm for high-end premium phones.

Prisync also used the gross minimum wage for each country to calculate how many working hours are required to purchase a Google Pixel 2. Australia must have a decent minimum wage as we are the lowest of the five countries surveyed. Makes you wonder how those in the other countries feel about the price if we are seeing so many negative thoughts here. Imagine if you had to work nearly 50% more hours to pay for a Google Pixel 2 like they do in Germany.

Based on purchasing power through gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of each country Australia comes in second showing that it is the second hardest out of the countries surveyed to buy the Google Pixel 2.

Comparing the Note 8 and iPhone 8 64GB price to the Google Pixel 2 we sit at a similar level to Germany, which is not great. In the other countries the iPhone cost relatively more than the Google Pixel 2.

The above figures are for the Google Pixel 2 and not the Pixel XL 2 but we assume the results would be very similar for the Pixel XL 2.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are not cheap phones but in my opinion they have the best software and the Pixel XL 2 hard arguably close to the best hardware. They are not the best value and for many the price cannot be justified and will not purchase it instead opting for a cheaper phone.

If you think we are hard done by with our “Australia Tax” and the price of the devices here, spare a thought for the other countries where it is actually relatively more.

Source: Prisync.
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Butter iteration

Just maybe, if I didn’t have a nexus 6P that’s just 1 year old I could bite the bullet and get a 64gb xl 2 but that’s only because I hear they’re doing 3 years of OS updates but but that’s a totally solid confirmation yet. Id hope so for the price.I keep thinking that at least Apple has a store where you can go and get support and a replacement handset as part of the insane price. that’s the service you get. For those inflated prices What are Google offering to us? It’s not as convenient is it with… Read more »


Easy to see why people order mobiles from oversea’s (Taking into account warranty issues of course).


OK Google: Why do you charge ~$200US more for your devices in Australia?

Max Luong

You need to redo those figures with tax included.


Is it just me or do those graphs look way out for price comparisons? $849 USD for the Pixel XL 64GB as a direct conversion is $1080AUD not the $1399AUD outright price we’ll pay.