We have heard it a lot. People are waiting for the LG V30 to arrive here in Australia, even more so now that Google have priced the LG-made Pixel XL 2 out of the range of many consumers. We have good and bad news. At this stage the V30 will not be arriving Downunder but in even better news we will be seeing the V30+ instead.

The LG V30+ is virtually identical to the V30 except that it has some added goodies in the box and under the hood. The V30+ has 128GB of onboard storage compared with the 64GB in the V30 (both have microSD slots to expand the memory by up to 256GB as well) and the V30+ has a set of LG QuadPlay earbuds in the box whereas the V30 has no earbuds in the box.

This is great for Australian consumers as we are receiving the high end version of the V30. The earbuds promise to take advantage of the quad DAC inside the phone. This is the high-end audio that LG have been promising with the V30+ — it is B&O Play certified.

The LG V30+ is stacked with a lot of high end specs that allow it to match up very well with just about any flagship out there. It had a 6 inch “Full Vision” 18:9 2k display. It is IP68 certified, Dolby Vision compliant, Snapdragon 835, 4GB RAM, and Bluetooth 5.0. There is fast charging (QC 3.0) along with wireless charging and a 3300mAh battery. It will be running Android 7.1.2 under its contentious LG UX 6.0+ skin at launch.

One of the best things about the V30+ is the dual rear camera where with is a 16MP and a 13MP dual rear camera with one being widescreen allowing for great flexibility when capturing photos.

The LG V30+ will go on sale from the beginning of November for $1199 from JB Hi-Fi. At that price it is cheaper than all the other high end flagship so is definitely worth considering for your next purchase. Are you considering it?

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Michael Winnett

Hi all,
I contacted LG the other day and they had no idea when or if the v30+ would come to Australia. Can anyone tell me otherwise and if so what carrier will stock it, such as Telstra, Optus etc.

Tom Sekulic

Samsung Grace UX has many useful features and is not (as) resource demanding like the old Touchwiz. LG is trying to to catch up with Samsung in UI department.
Having said that, nothing beats near stock Sony Xperia XZ Premium in terms of speed. However, Sony’s got some serious issues with their OS. Phone occasionally freezes and requires a reboot (was better before the update).

I paid $850 (2 months ago) for my brand new, shrink-wrapped Samsung S8+ on Gumtree (with a receipt). If you want a bargain, check out Gumtree.

Butter iteration

Thanks for the clarification. I’m struggling to find a stock experience that ticks all the boxes for features and has a good camera at a good price. Tried the one plus 5 and loved it but found the camera was too weak compared to my 6p to keep it. Battery life of the op5 blew me away though. This might be an interesting time to reflect on the platue we seem to be reaching with phone tech and phone software and the trend of increasing prices of flagships. With the pricey pixels apparently supporting 3 years of os updates, approaching… Read more ยป

Leyton Miller

LG Australia have both the v30 and v30+ listed in the advertisement on their Facebook page. Wonder if this is an oversight?


I’m not sure I understand this comment. I have not seen anything to suggest the base model does NOT have the quad DAC?

jimmy cychowski

Yes I’ll be picking a V30 on launch day, as a music lover the QUAD DAC and glorious headphone Jack!, I’ll just load Nova launcher and make it a pixel XL! Lol,
If only the V30 was the pixel XL 2!!! ?

Jafar Calley

I’ll be getting one too but in a couple of months when the price drops due to lack of promotion on LG’s part. I mean you can pick up a v20 these days for only $400. It may be a new year upgrade for me! ๐Ÿ™‚


Absolutely. This looks to be an awesome phone. Not sure if JB HIFI but now that it’s officially being sold in Australia, hopefully there will be other outlets to follow.


Do we get the dual SIM version in Australia?


So (from JB Hifi) the 128GB 835 V30+ is $1199, and the 64GB 821 G6 is $1149 ?

Don’t get me wrong, both are overpriced, but doesn’t that sound wrong to anyone else?

I wonder what it will be on import? Maybe somewhere down towards a sane price?

Sensible move seems to be to wait till LG get their find out and Oreo on the V30, and then buy at a more realistic price (say half the above price). Who knows, Amazon should be here by then, and maybe selling at reasonable price.


The G6 was $700 a week or so ago so I’m not sure why they put it back up to $1149. The V30+ has a lot of features for the price but I keep going back to the OnePlus 5 for my next phone.


I want stock Android but this phone has so many more features and is cheaper.


Butter iteration

I’ve never owned an LG running its own skinned android. Only had a stock playstore version of the LG 8 inch g pad (still going strong). What’s the contentious LG UX 6.0+ skin like?


Any news of it will be available on any carriers? Keenly priced compared to a S8 or S8+ but should drop in price in a few months

Mike Logan

too pricey for me

Allan Thomas

Only Android 7! When will it get Android 8? How many years of OS and security upgrades will it get?


I said this the other day LG have built a great phone. One thing they keep letting themselves down on is the realase of the phone. It was announced in August and we have to wait until November. What purpose does this serve but to lose people’s intrest in a phone being released. If they had got the phone out before the Note 8 would have been a smart decision. Now they need to compete with the iPhone X.