Obviously tired with the teasing, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has jumped on over to the OnePlus forums to talk about the upcoming 5T refresh of the companys phone, specifically taking about the headphone jack.

In the forum post, Mr Lau confirms that the next OnePlus phone will be the 5T, he also confirms that the phone will indeed have a headphone jack. The reasoning behind keeping the headphone jack is pretty decent with Mr Lau talking about the quality of wireless headphones and how it’s not quite there yet for all ends of the market, specifically the sub-$200 market. He also points to their metrics – likely collected from devices with or without customers knowledge – points to 80% of their user base plugging in wired headphones.

I’m likely being a little cynical here, but it’s also possibly a factor that they still have some of their own Bullet V2 earphones still in stock too.

While they will be keeping the headphone jack, the forum post shows at least one of the possible solutions that OnePlus came up with. The solution was to include another USB-C port to mitigate the whole charging your phone while listening to wired headphone issue that USB-C headphone life presents. The fact that you still have to have an easily lost dongle to allow your 3.5mm headphones to connect to the USB-C port is also a big factor.

At least for now, if you’re a wired headphone user you can rest assured that the OnePlus 5T will retain the headphone jack – now if only they’d announce it and that we can buy it here in Australia.

Source: OnePlus.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Jarryd Howard

When I first read the headline it made me chuckle 🙂

Dean Rosolen

The fact that this is even news is a sad indictment on the mobile industry.

Dean Rosolen

Well this complicates things a bit particularly with JB Hi-Fi’s dwindling stock of the OG Pixel line – can’t get the XL any more and the 128GB standard Pixel is only available in Very Silver (if I had a JB near me I’d order one because fuck Toll “Priority”).

John Bousattout

I guess that it’s just about the screen now. I’m hoping it’s OLED.

Jafar Calley

Well that’s that. Oneplus 5t just joined my upgrade list with the LG V30. This also complicates my choice 🙂
I liked the OPO a lot but the successors all had something I didn’t like in them. Hopefully this ticks all the boxes.

Mark Smith

Good, I won’t consider any phone without one for the forseeable future.