If you’re out of contract, currently using Optus/Vodafone or a Telstra reseller* but want Telstra’s mobile network coverage with lots of data for your phone then JB Hi-Fi has a great deal for you until November 8th.

You can get Telstra’s BYO $59 12 month contract plan for $49/month including a $200 JB Hi-Fi giftcard, 20 GB data/month, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to Australian numbers. No international call, data or SMS/MMS credit is included.

Note that this deal is only available to people porting in to Telstra. This means you can port in your mobile number from any Optus or Vodafone carrier whether direct or reseller as well as from almost all Telstra resellers*. The asterisk is there because BOOST uses the same billing system as Telstra so porting to Telstra BYO you don’t qualify as a “new” customer.

As with all Telstra postpaid mobile plans you also get unmetered streaming AFL, NRL and Netball games as well as a 6 months free Apple Music subscription.

Last time this deal was available in mid September, I had recently gone off contract with Telstra and was trying Vodafone prepaid for a few weeks. While the Vodafone customer service was great, unfortunately coverage inside my apartment, gym and local supermarket was very weak.

So I visited my local JB Hi-Fi store and signed up for this deal after which it took half an hour for my new Telstra SIM to become active. Hat tip to Vodafone your port in and out process is impressively easy and speedy.

If you already had your eye on buying something from JB Hi-Fi for about $200, the included $200 voucher value means you’re effectively paying $32.33 / month for the first 12 months.

At the time I was looking for a sound bar as our TV inbuilt speakers are quite weak (a common problem across the majority of thin LCD TV’s) and our analog speakers were taking up too much floor space.

Using the $200 voucher I managed to get the Philips HTL2193B 150W 3.1ch Soundbar with Subwoofer for $199 instead of the $299 sticker price. Sure a higher end soundbar like the Bose Solo 5 or Soundtouch 300 would sound better but I didn’t have the budget for that.

Some weeks later psychologically I don’t need to worry about going over my data cap anymore now that I have 20GB mobile data to use every month, unlike my previous Telstra mobile plan which included 3GB/month. If my bus is stuck in traffic I can watch an episode or two on Netflix without making a big dent in available data or download all the latest podcasts without having to wait for WiFi at home. Happy days 🙂

After the 12 month contract is over you continue to get the same data, calls/sms/mms inclusions on a month to month basis for $49/month until you contact Telstra to change mobile contracts to the latest deal or port out to another carrier.

Quite a few people have managed to port from Telstra Prepaid to a $2 Vodafone SIM and then to this JB Hi-Fi Telstra deal within the same day. However porting time duration is never guaranteed so can take 48 hours or more. Also be warned sometimes Telstra doesn’t allow people to port in as a “new customer” if they’ve ported out from Telstra within the last few days or weeks. Check with the JB Hi-FI mobile department sales person if their current Telstra deal has this condition.

If you’re currently contracted with Telstra for $49 or less you may be annoyed at not being able to get this deal. Some people have been successful with Telstra live chat sales to almost match the JB Hi-Fi deal, getting $49/month for a 12 month plan including 20GB data, unlimited calls/SMS/MMS. However no $200 voucher means the overall deal value isn’t as excellent.

Are you minded to take the plunge with this deal?

Source: Ozbargain.
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Also that promo has been extended to today (09/11)


Might be worth noting that a sales rep at JB recommended this as a mechanism to make the new Pixel phone’s more affordable – still $1199 for the 2XL, so not cheap, but I’ve not seen a better deal elsewhere


12 month contract – Pffft it’s 2017. No getting locked in when I bring my own phone

Mark Smith

So it’s a big FU to current Telstra customers again then

Chris Rowland

As much as I enjoy being a Vodafone customer, I have to say this deal is tempting. Only downside I can see is no $5/day international roaming… but at the same time, I’m not sure I’ll be overseas any time soon to have that worry me.


Whatever happened to customer loyalty Telstra? People shouldn’t have to port out and back in to get these deals. Its about time you bloody realised that!!!!


Someone needs to start lookung at customers lost numbers.


Let me put it this way. If the deal is good enough to attract new customers anyway, how does it hurt allowing loyal customers to move to it? After all, you are re-contracting so you are no different to a newbie. Leaving and coming back does nothing other than loosing money from that lost customer for a period of time. I would think telco’s would want as many people as they can on contracts to prevent them to leave for some other deal. Or, they could offer a loyal customer the same deal and just give them a $100 credit,… Read more »

Igaal Naouri

If you’re a loyal customer you should call them and demand a discount based on your loyalty, I did and got it.


Just got my brother onto this deal, he had to go through Optus and that hasn’t been as quick or easy as your experience.
Vodafone have great customer service.