In the last week Google has signalled their intention to remove apps from the Play Store who were using the Accessibility Service on Android incorrectly. One of the more popular apps possibly affected by this is Last Pass and today they have responded with a “all is well” comment.

Android’s Accessibility Services are designed to help developers make their apps easier to use for those with disabilities. Apps that also allow users to “autofill passwords, copy content to clipboards and automate tasks” use Accessibility Services to provide full functionality. This is Last Pass’ bread and butter.

LastPass is working with Google and to confirm, there is no immediate impact to our Android users.

Last Pass have made a statement on their blog stating that Google have contacted them and other app developers and are working on a “long-term solution” to suit users’ needs and their accessibility requirements for full app functionality.

Last Pass (the beta version) does support Android’s new autofilling of passwords in Oreo but having used it recently it is still beta at best. Then there is the fact that only 0.3% of Android users have a device running Android 8.0 meaning that Google will need to provide some alternative rather than just pulling the apps.

We have speculated in the Ausdroid offices that Google must be working on new APIs for these apps that allow them to function while at the same time maintaining security and from this statement this seems to be happening. Hopefully Google release this solution before they begin pulling apps requiring Accessibility Services from the Play Store.

Source: Last Pass Blog.