This time last year we were all over the Samsung Chromebooks that were on the way — two high end 2-in-1 Chromebooks. They eventuated some time later but they never officially made it to our shores. Now it seems that Samsung are planning to release another innovative Chromebook, a detachable one this time.

The clever folks at Chrome Unboxed are constantly perusing the Chrome repository looking for interesting Chromebooks and new features and last night they came across mention of a name: Jongpil Jung. Jongpil Jung is the same person who worked on the Samsung Chromebooks of earlier this year, the Chromebook Pro and Plus. The name was mentioned in relation to a detachable Chromebook hence their deduction that Samsung are readying a detachable Chromebook for release.

Given how nice the Samsung Galaxy Book looks and feels to use we hope that they continue this design for the upcoming detachable Chromebook. The detachable Chromebook in question runs a Kaby Lake Intel processor so should be no slouch that’s for sure. Little else is known about the Chromebook at this stage but considering that this year’s Samsung Chromebooks included an S-Pen as does the Galaxy Book we assume that the detachable Chromebook will also have one.

We have bemoaned the lack of decent Android tablets here at Ausdroid for a while and have postulated that this could be Google’s grand plan: the new Android tablets will run ChromeOS but be able to install Android apps. The best of both worlds, what more could we ask for? Samsung are expected to reveal the new Chromebook at CES 2018 just as they did at this year’s CES for the Chromebook Pro and Plus.

If the new Samsung detachable Chromebook turns out to be anything like their Galaxy Book count me in for one. How about you?

Source: Chrome Repository.
Via: Chrome Unboxed.
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Ray Wells

Is there someone in Australia that actually sells Chromebooks? Every time I go searching, I keep getting directed to international sites.


Went to buy the iPad Pro the other day. Purchased the Samsung Galaxy Book instead. Yes it is Windows based but it connects to the office AD seamlessly. My colleagues with iPad Pro’s still cannot connect to the work printer. It is small, light and functional. Great as a reader too. Just wish Google would release a Windows Google Pay Books Reader. Other than that, the only regret I have is I didn’t pay the additional $200 and get the 4G version.

Philip Clark

Please please please let this have an OLED screen and enough power to run Android apps decently.


Finally I can replace my old tablet with something better!