That is the million dollar question and no we do not have the answer for that just yet. The “evidence” that has appeared suggests that if we do see it sold directly here it will be for a while.

We have been tipped off via readers in our comments and via our tipster email to a change on the OnePlus Australian store web page that suggests that it will not arrive any time soon. The new wording when you head to the OnePlus AU store is:

It doesn’t get any better according to a tweet from a friend of Ausdroid’s from Pocketnow, Jules Wang who replied to our OnePlus launch tweet with the following:

Reading between the lines, although that doesn’t take a genius, OnePlus are going to concentrate on their current markets for now and don’t plan on expanding to new markets (Australia) any time soon due to the difficult nature of doing so. The good news is that it will eventually come, just not for a while it seems.

There is always one way to find out, an AMA on Reddit. This coming week, Wednesday the 22nd at 2am EDST, some key players in the OnePlus 5T will be doing an AMA on Reddit. The key players involved will be:

  • Carl – Co-founder
  • Louis S. – OnePlus 5T Product Manager
  • Gary C. – OxygenOS Product
  • Adam Krisko – Beta Program Project Manager
  • Kale W. – Ecommerce Lead
  • Tom Bruno – Customer Service

For those who are awake at 2am on Wednesday head on over to Reddit and ask them the question:

When will the OnePlus 5T come to Australia?

Source: OnePlus.
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Hii guys.
can I ask my friends in India to courier oneplus 5T in australia via dhl. will it clear customs? also if I ask them to include accessories like back cover etc.

Andrew Fletcher

I plan to get my 5T from Banggood, they have it advertised for $676.79 aud with free shipping to Australia. At the moment they are waiting for their stock, but I will be notified when this happens. Have bought a few phones from them, they usually supply an au plug adaptor as well.


I’m tempted to do this as well. If you or others have experience in this, are there any potential consequences that I should be aware of?
e.g. Will it have any impact upon the availability of OS updates?

John Bousattout

Just saw that Kogan have it as ‘Coming Soon’. No price i can see

Andrew Fletcher

Just an update for Aussie buyers, You can now order 5T’s from Banggood for $760.28aud, and Geekbuying for $762 .03aud. On eBay, you can get them for $761.00aud from Australian sellers, and one I wouldn’t recommend, from oppomart for $691.79aud!


Andrew, Im in need of a new phone and to be honest i cannot really wait for the 5t offcial release in australia, would there be any consequences of buying from those stores yku have suggesteed?

Andrew Fletcher

Bran, the only consequences is, you will have to wait longer for the phone to come from China, and they will send you an au plug for the charger! If you have any questions, go to Banggood or Geekbuying websites and contact them, they are very good!


Thanks for intel… I’m just debating that online buying experience for 5T or a safer buy of mate 10 pro. I don’t have much experience with online buying of such quality. Will consider.

Andrew Fletcher

This will be the last post by me on this subject as the Oneplus 5T is now becoming readily available in Australia. Check on “” you will find eglobal has the International version 6gb/64gb for $709.00 + $25.00 freight! 2-3 days delivery!


Which one you don’t recommend and why? eBay or oppomart

Andrew Fletcher

No, ebay is good, you have a money back guarantee. It is Oppomart that I have heard some bad reports about, so won’t risk buying from them. I will be buying from eGlobal for $709.00aud plus freight!!

Cinema Synesthesia

Having attended the Melbourne OnePlus Meetup, they seemed unsure whether there was enough of a market here to justify officially supplying to Australia. It’s really about how many they sold during that limited period – maybe the sales data just wasn’t that great, and not enough to manufacture a new type of plug (and get it certified).

John Bousattout

Lets say that it does get a release here in Australia, limited of not.
By the time that they release it, plenty of other manufacturers would have started announcing their next generation hardware and software. Would it be plausible considering that the price would change?
We know that LG (for instance) doesn’t hold it’s price – the V30 will drop in price (assuming),
Samsung’s prices will drop further as the S9 series gets leaked/announced.
Etc, etc.

You may as well get a discounted grey import from Kogan or the like, and enjoy the SD835 for the time being.

John Bousattout

This would be amazing! – A Christmas present for myself.

But only if it’s the top end 8/128

John Bousattout

Yeah, to be fair… The hardware matters more than wallpapers and cosmetic cr@p.
At least enough spec for 2 OS updates.


Just bought mine from Nextbuying the 5t 128gb


If it isn’t coming this year I don’t even want it.
If I dont grab the mate 10 pro, I’ll just wait for the nokia 9.
The Nokia 5 got the November security patch 1 week after Google released it!


Looking forward to it.