Even before the OnePlus 5T was announced there were rumours, and mentions of it in code, of a Limited Edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T. We saw a red 5T announced in China last week and we assumed that this would be the Star Wars edition, seeing as the code suggested a red accent for the phone and the software. Today at Comic Con India OnePlus announced the Star Wars Limited Edition OnePlus 5T.

Although all signs pointed to the Star Wars Edition 5T being red it is in fact white on the back and black on the front. The phone is different to the other version we have seen in that it has a red accented alert slider, black power button and volume rocker and also has a Star Wars logo on the bottom of the back of the phone.

The phone was expected to be announced in time for The Last Jedi release on December 15 but was not expected to be announced this early. At this stage it seems the phone is exclusive India but more will be known this coming week as OnePlus reveal more details of the phone to the public.

For those interested in purchasing the OnePlus 5T, aside from myself, who here would be interested in purchasing this Star Wars Edition? I am already thinking of my friends with Indian contacts (Joe?) I can politely ask to send me one of these.

Source: GSM Arena.
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John Bousattout

Scott, If you you do decide to go down the importing route, keep me in mind, please.


Curious choice of reveal location.

John Bousattout

Mate, I’d be down for this!