Google Maps is going to get some improvements for public transit directions with real-time updates while you’re on the journey, including a prompt for when to get off.

If you’ve used Google Transit directions you’ll be familiar with the need to change train/bus etc. at some stage during the journey. According to Tech Crunch, Google will be updating Maps to include prompts during your Transit journey just like a car trip.

When your get close to your intended stop an alert will appear, and presumably an audible or vibrating alert as well – a massive boon for when you’re in a new, unfamiliar city, or you’re just about to nod off to sleep on the bus or train.

Tech Crunch says you’ll also be able to scroll through your Transit directions to see what the next step in the journey is.

The updates will be shown on the lock screen as well, a new step for Maps, though a welcome one.

There’s no date for when the update will arrive, but for Transit users you may be seeing this soon with thoughts that it’s likely in testing in the Beta community. Make sure you update Maps regularly to see when it arrives.

Source: Tech Crunch.
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    Luke Vesty

    Nice! Although I do wonder whether Victoria will be late to the party on such functionality like it was with public transit directions.


    Just use MoovIt and be done with it.