Overnight OnePlus got in on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi hype and hitched their new flagship to the Star Wars franchise by launching the Star Wars Limited Edition OnePlus 5T.

2017 has been a tough year for companies to keep secrets and the Star Wars Limited Edition OP 5T was no different to every other launch this year. OnePlus came out themselves eventually to confirm its existence, including images of the Star Wars-labelled phone. Last night they officially launched it at special events in India that also included The Last Jedi screenings as part of the admission fee.

On stage we saw OnePlus and also an Indian representative of the Disney corporation. After the usual cringe worthy self congratulatory pats on the back they unveiled all the changes on this special edition and it did not disappoint.

The changes were based on Planet Crait in various ways. The phone is not just white but a Sandstone White. People who have used a Sandstone OnePlus phone will know how nice the back of a Sandstone backed phone feels. The fingerprint sensor, on the back now of course, is also white and ceramic. Of course the back also includes a red Star Wars logo. The alert slider is now a Red Mineral alert slider to match the red mineral on Crait — and that is just the hardware.

On the software side of things OnePlus and Disney/Star Wars/Lucas Films creators have teamed up to produce a red, white and black Star Wars theme that is designed to take advantage of the AMOLED display of the OP5T. There are also 10 special Star Wars wallpapers included (which I am sure will make it onto the various websites before too long).

The accessories were not forgotten as well with a special edition Kylo Ren helmet-style case. All these are included in a special edition box that looks amazing. Inside the box is also a special OnePlus/Star Wars greeting card that has a manifesto of the Jedi on it.

The Star Wars OP 5T limited edition will come with their high end specs of 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. For all this you would expect it to come at a premium price but as per usual OnePlus have managed to do what very few phone manufacturers were able to do this year with their flagships — keep the price at a fair and reasonable price. The OnePlus 5T Limited Edition Star Wars is on sale from midnight India time (5:30am AEDST) for just 38,999 Indian Rupees from the OnePlus India store and Amazon India – a mere 2000Rupees (~$40AUD) more than the standard high end OP5T.

As I write this I have no idea whether we will be able to purchase it here using mail forwarders etc but will definitely try later. This is a great looking phone that will appeal to not just phone enthusiasts but also Star Wars enthusiasts — if only it was available worldwide.

Who wants one?

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John Bousattout

Bulk buy and save on shipping?
If you’re keen on this idea, let’s work something out, please.


Man I wish we could buy this in Australia!


Another Adam who entirely agrees with you!


I’m waiting for Australia release too!! Hope we are heard!