It was just a few very short hours ago that the Star Wars themed OnePlus 5T launched in India. Not only did it arrive with some new looks based on the next installment in the Star Wars saga but also some snappy wallpapers. As per usual these have made their way online and you can grab them too.

The wallpapers were apparently in an encrypted form in a system update for the regular OP5T that one enterprising XDA member decided to unpack to try and find them. Luckily he/she was also a very clever individual who managed to decrypt the wallpapers and then upload for us all to enjoy.

I have attached them here or you can also grab them at the links (link, mirror) provided over on XDA Developers.

If you are a Star Wars fan and like the look of these why not head on over and grab them as they are some impressive wallpapers. My OnePlus 5 is already sporting a couple of them.

Source: XDA Developers.