2018 may well be the year of the notch. Last year Essential did it, followed of course by Apple. Because Apple did it it seems manufacturers seem to think we all want it. A leak today has surfaced suggesting that the OnePlus 6 may be set to follow this trend.

Last year OnePlus released a video to celebrate their birthday and in it revealed just how many prototypes (often more than a few a week) they produce to come up with the final end product. Today’s leak may be fake or it may well be one of these prototypes — either way it in no way does it mean that this is the final product that OnePlus will be releasing to market.

As you can see above the phone has “the notch” in which the earpiece, sensors and front-facing camera are hidden. The notch is actually smaller than that seen in the iPhone X which is a positive I suppose. The bottom and top bezels are shrunk quite a bit from last year’s models but the side bezels seem a bit wider — as seems to be the case in these notch-bearing phones.

The phone seems to be running OxygenOS 5.1.0 from a December build (Android 8.1.0) with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

The rear of the phone shows a dual camera setup along with an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor. Below the fingerprint sensor is the OnePlus logo, just where they like to stamp it. The rear of the phone appears to be covered in glass which may mean OnePlus is considering implementing wireless charging in the OnePlus 6. Looking at both images closely I am not sure I can make out their now ever-present alert slider.

At this stage it is very early days in the development of the OnePlus 6 and while this most certainly could be an indication of where OnePlus want to take the design for this year’s first model it is by no means the final design.

OnePlus 5 Prototypes: Photo credit: The Verge

We will find out in the next few months of course and as time goes on the leaks will become more believable and trustworthy. Take this early one with a grain of salt knowing that OnePlus went through dozens prototypes when deciding on a final design for the OnePlus 5.

What are your thoughts on the notch? Are you undecided like myself until you get a chance to extensively use a phone with one?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Just because apple does something doesn’t make it a good idea.


love it. by the time the 6t is released they will have had time to see if it works and fix issues.
A notch is good if it is used only as the notificaiton area, extra info but isn’t really the main screen.
I just hope they sell again in AU because I love my 5t


I agree with Chris. If the notch only takes out part of the notification bar then it’s making better use of space and reducing bezel size. If the notification bar was then forced to be black with white text (yes, I know, not the current Android way) then the notch would almost disappear completely.


they can then follow essential phone notch, which is much smaller