After closing the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea last week it seems Channel 7 isn’t quite ready to let their viewers go, updating the existing Winter Olympics app to now become the Commonwealth Games app.

It’s not the first time that Channel 7 has done this, they’ve previously updated their Tennis app from the Australian Open to the Winter Olympics before this, the ID for the app: id=com.mediafoundry.SevenTennis gives it away.

The 7CommGames app will cover the 2018 Commonwealth Games on Gold Coast, which open on the 4th and run through until the 15th of April, offering access to Channel Seven’s Commonwealth Games broadcast coverage on Channel 7, 7TWO and 7mate. There will be up to 16 additional live channels across all sports allowing you to relive the latest highlights and athlete stories on demand.

The convenience of all this content isn’t free though with the app wanting to charge $24.99 for access to Channel Seven’s coverage, which lets you view all their video content in HD and with less commercials (note they say less, not No) and connect up to 8 devices for the just under two-week long event. The app is fairly up-front about it though, asking if you are willing to update via in-app purchase the first time you open the app. Setup requires a Facebook or Google account, or you can use your email address.

As well as coverage, Channel Seven are offering a live Medal Tally and access to a Live Event Schedule with all the latest results updated immediately. You also get Athlete Bios as well.

The data consumed will also need to be paid for, though thanks to a partnership with Optus – the official support network of the 2018 Commonwealth Games – announced last year, Optus customers on 24 month My Plan Plus, My Plan Flex, 12 month My Plan Plus SIM Only plans or 24 month My Mobile Broadband Plus $35 or above plan with Mobile TV Streaming included will see their data consumed in the app zero-rated. If you use another carrier though you’ll get stung.

For anyone who installed the Channel Seven Winter Olympics app, you’ll notice it’s now updated and you won’t have to do a thing to prep for April. If you haven’t installed it previously it’s available now in Google Play.

Developer: Seven West Media
Price: To be announced
Source: Google Play.
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    They are off their trolley.

    $24.99 for access to seven’s coverage, WITH adverts, of the …. Commonwealth Games. No sane individual is going to pay for that.

    Hey seven, what you need to be offering is full coverage, all sports, all angles, optional idiot commentary, with no adverts, and no cost – and even then I wouldn’t expect many takers. You couldn’t GIVE it away

    They really don’t have a clue.


    I’m not going to pay them for an app that doesn’t support Chromecast when their own help text says it does. Apple TV support works (just) on the iOS version of the app, so why not Chromecast? Like so many things done by Australia’s TV networks (including their general programming) this is a half hearted attempt that isn’t worth paying for.


    Stone the Flamin’ crows! What a rip off.