Samsung Australia is bringing Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to the Galaxy S9 and S9+ this weekend.

For the first time, you’ll be able to appear as Mickey and Minnie Mouse in an AR setting and he’ll mimic your movements – you’ll be able to take snaps and videos of yourself as either of Disney’s most famous mice.

Over the course of the year, Samsung plans to release more new AR Emoji characters based on Disney franchises including The Incredibles, Zootopia, and Frozen.

To say that we’ve had quite a bit of fun with the Galaxy S9’s AR Emoji feature is a bit of an understatement. While the feature feels a bit “me too”, it’s very well implemented and tracks your head and facial movements with surprising accuracy. The addition of Disney characters is a bit of a coup given the House of Mouse’s close relationship with Apple, and we’re sure they’ll be a lot of fun to play with!

Update: It appears you don’t have to wait for a software update and can in fact add Mickey and Minnie by pressing the + icon in the AR Emoji camera mode, then going to Galaxy Apps.

Thanks, Sachin!

Have you added Mickey and Minnie to your Galaxy S9? Which other characters would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!