HTC have had a tough couple of years even though they have still be making some decent phones. This year they are hoping to turn around their fortunes by focusing on the release of a single flagship, the U12+.

New (or rumours) out of Taiwan overnight are suggesting that HTC will be launching their 2018 flagship in early May. We had suspected this date early on but this is the first “confirmation” we have had. The timing of the announcement is such that it avoids the hype around the Galaxy S9 release as well as flagships from other rivals.

The sources also stated that the U12+ will most likely be the only premium model they release this year to focus on releasing a single great phone and also to “prolong the U12+ sales cycle”.

The HTC U12+ is expected to be paacked with all the latest and greatest hardware such as a Snapdragon 845, 6GB of RAM,64/128GB of onboard storage, a 6 inch 18:9 display and a 3420mAh battery. The rear camera is expected to be a 12MP/16MP dual camera setup and the front a dual 8MP setup.

We will be keeping a close eye on any news or announcements surrounding HTC’s 2018 flagship in the coming weeks. We all hope that they produce a great phone and turn around their financial issues — Android needs a strong HTC.

Source: Focus Taiwan.
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Yeah Scott , no doubt it will be a looker , and hopefully it is more efficoent on battery .
It just seems a shame last year’s U11+ had the huge battery and we could not buy it here .
I don’t understand htc , to me the U11+ looked pretty close to a winner , now they alter it ,


Bit of a shame they reduced battery size from last year’s U11+ 3900 mAh too 3420 mAh on this one .
Last year’s model almost looked worth buying .