Huawei have made a splash with the P20 series phones, specifically the P20 Pro. It’s camera is not only innovative with its 3 lenses but has scored the highest ever for a smartphone on DxOMark, by a long way. Now Australians have a date that they can set their calendar reminders to if they want to get in on the P20 Pro wizardry.

Huawei have today informed us that the P20 Pro will be available from their “local partners” on Friday 18th May, 2018. At this stage we do not know who the “local partners” are but we have reached out to Huawei for clarification of this. As the release isn’t for a few weeks we suspect they may announce their partners in a week or two to remind everyone that it is coming.

For those interested, and from the sample images I have seen on the review device Jason has you should be if you put any value in the camera quality, it will be available in not just black but also the amazing Twilight. Twilight is a colour that changes depending on the angle you look at it and by all accounts for those who have seen it (a few of us here have) is absolutely “gorgeous”.

At this stage Huawei are also yet to inform us of the hit to the hip pocket you should expect if you want this smartphone. We will of course keep you informed when we find out any details.

Although you can purchase a P20 Pro from other channels such as amaysim Huawei reminded us that “the locally available Huawei P20 Pro will be certified to all relevant Australian certifications and standards including: warranty, safety, software and radio frequency (carrier spectrum). We advise customers to consider the products they purchase and variants they source.”

The P20 Pro is taking the world by storm, winning the Technical Image Press Association World Award for 2018 for the “Best Photo Smartphone”. While it is hard to declare it the winner for the year when we are just in April it is hard to see anyone else making up the required ground to trump them.

If you like to take photos, mark the date of Friday 18th May in your calendar and either go straight out and purchase the phone or head into a “local partner” to see it in action. Be warned, after seeing how good the camera is it will be difficult to walk out without purchasing one.

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I’ve had my Huawei mate 10 pro since November. Must admit I really like the device, nice size, quick and best of all fantastic battery life you can swap launchers on it. I’d be interfered in the P20 Pro due to its camera and that I prefer the fingerprint scanner to be in the front.

Big Prof

DxoMark is one thing. Real world usage is something else again. Many of the tests that I’ve been seeing still have the Google Pixel XL 2 generating as good as if not better shots over a range of conditions, and much easier in point and shoot mode.


Does Huawei still restrict users from installing launchers? I remember the Huawei Mate 7 locked that out and it frustrated me to no end, because the default UI was so bad in my opinion.

Hesitant to purchase a Huawei product again, even if this one looks quite good with a great camera.