Google’s controversial Pixel Buds are picking up a new function update, with Google announcing new controls and easier pairing are coming to the earbuds.

Google has added new tap controls to the pressure sensitive right earbud, with a triple tap now turning the buds on or off, while you can now choose to set a double tap to skip to the next track in the Pixel Buds’ settings within the Google Assistant app on your phone.

The last update is for easier pairing with the ability to simply go to the Bluetooth menu of any device you’ve paired with previously and select Pixel Buds to have them automatically switch to the new device.

Google says that this update is starting to roll out today and should arrive on Pixel Buds everywhere by next week.

Source: Google.
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    Phillip Malone

    Not sure if it is because I use a beta version of the Google app and I have a gut feeling they were testing “in ear detection” but they seem to be working much better in the last few days. The in ear detection is a nice idea and it is annoying when they play out of your ear but nothing was as annoying as them disconnecting if they move slightly in your ear at all!

    Chris Rowland

    In-ear detection is something I really, really want with Pixel Buds – they’re forever playing when I take them out to talk to someone, and it drains the battery 🙁