Moto Z2 Play

After what seems to have been a false start back in February, it appears that Motorola is really serious about pushing the Oreo out to their phones this time, announcing the update is now available for the Moto Z family.

We’re a little sceptical ourselves after the February announcement which advised that Oreo was available ‘from today’ for the Moto X4, Moto G5 (and variants) and Moto Z family turned out to be vapour, but here we are again reporting on the press release from Motorola Australia who is saying that the update is definitely now available for the moto z, moto z Play and moto z2 Play.

The 1.1GB update is filled with all the Oreo goodies you’d expect covering new multitasking features, security capabilities, as well as improved notifications and performance. Motorola lists some of the improvements included in the update as:

  • The ability to autofill your logins to favourite apps.
  • Faster speeds, longer battery life and smart text selection.
  • Picture-in-picture gives you a floating window letting you do more at the same time.
  • Notification dots on your apps to alert you of something new.
  • Google Play protect to keep you safe from malicious apps.
  • Further improved battery life.
  • New Emojis – one can express themselves in very many new ways through a fully redesigned Emoji set which includes over 60 new Emojis.

Motorola has also said that the update will include specific updates for the Moto Z family including camera improvements that will improve both performance and speed for images captured with depth information, and the system files have been reduced by up to 2GB – and you guessed it: bug fixes and stability improvements.

Motorola Australia promises that the update is really truly available this time – and we’ve seen some tweets headed our way saying it is, so hopefully this time we can not get swamped with ‘Fake news’ comments this time.

Update: After reaching out to Motorola Australia, regarding the Moto G5 Oreo update, Motorola have advised:

The g5 is expected to be included in the rollout plan for the Android 8.0.0 update within the year.

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    Geoff O'Connor

    Oreo for my X4 was installed on 13 January.

    Adam J

    Got Oreo on my Z Play, and TBH haven’t noticed much difference.

    Dimitrious Havadjia

    Got 8.0 on my Z2 Play last week-it’s finally here!

    Dwayne Leditschke

    Any news on the Moto G5S Plus updates? I’m still rocking 7.1.1


    My Moto G5 Plus is still stuck on 7.0.0. I wonder if its a Telstra thing stopping it going to at least 7.1.1. Let alone when its going to update to Oreo .


    No word on G5? 🙁


    Just got update with 8.1 OTA! Happy days!


    It’s true, I got my 8.0 update on the morning of 15 May… Just as I was about to board a plane for an international flight, but I threw caution tot he wind and updated anyway :P. Fortunately had no issues.


    I would have thought Motorola were like the boy that cried wolf if I hadn’t already received the update on my Moto Z Play