Motorola painted themselves into a corner by going all in with their flagships with the 16:9 aspect ratio of their Moto Mod-compatible devices and thus missed the 18:9 revolution of 2018. This year it seems it is all set to change with not just the Moto Z3 Play but also a new phone that has been leaked overnight.

Android Headlines have managed to get their hands on some details of an upcoming Motorola phone that will not just have an 18:9 aspect ratio display but will be bezel-less and will include a notch. The “Motorola One Power” information was provided to Android Headlines by what they call a “reliable source” and considering the penchant for accurate leaks in the past we have no reason to doubt this.

The phone will have the Motorola One moniker and not the Moto nickname that they have given to all of their phones in recent times. This shift in naming convention we suspect is to help brand recognition in markets where Moto devices struggle.

As you may have guessed with the name the Motorola One Power, it will be powered by Android One — something that Motorola have done with the Moto X4 late last year. The phone is set to be released in the US but it is unknown if it will make into other markets — given Motorola’s success in other markets with their mid range phones it would not surprise us in the least.

The Motorola One Power will also sport a bezel-less front display with, you guessed it, a notch. According to the render obtained by Android Headlines the notch is one of the biggest we have seen on an Android device and closely resembles that on the iPhone X. The bottom chin has been shrunk as you would expect given current design trends.

There are no details on the specs of the phone and where it is to be positioned within the market but it does sport dual rear cameras, something that most mid-range phones are now including. You would expect it to run something like a Snapdragon 660 if it is a mid-range device but at this stage that is unknown.

There is no details when it will be launching but given the Moto Z3 Play announcement is imminent we would expect to hear more of it in the next few weeks. We will keep you posted when we hear anything else.

Source: Android Headlines.
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What is it with this stupid sheep mentality. If everyone else is doing it so should we.
Just like all glass phones because someone else is doing it. It is stupid, 90% of people put cases on the, the phones are too thin and smooth to hold without it and they damage easily all because it is “cool” to do it this way.

Nothing wrong with 16*9 especially on a budget phone, just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Lemmings.