Samsung’s AR Emoji, launched with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ earlier this year haven’t exactly taken the world by storm, but they do have their fans. Samsung has announced the addition of 18 new expressions to the AR Emoji library overnight.

The new library effectively doubles the existing 18 AR Emoji expressions from 18 to 36, with Samsung announcing they have plans to add 18 more over the coming months for a total of 54.

The update is available as an update to the camera app in the ‘My Apps’ section of the Galaxy App store for Galaxy S9/S9+ owners. Once users download the update they’ll be able to share them. Want to see what they look like? Samsung has provided this GIF as an example.

If you’re a fan of AR Emoji it’s good to see that Samsung has more plans beyond adding more Disney characters…which we’re totally down for. Check it out now by installing the update.

Source: Samsung.