Nokia is proving to be the dark horse in the software features race, with their range of phones running essentially stock Android thanks to Android One and Android Go (Oreo Edition), but it doesn’t mean they can’t add new features and that’s coming later this year with Face Unlock set to head to the Nokia 6.1, 7 Plus, 8 and the 8 Sirocco.

The ‘announcement’ of Face Unlock for these phones came in the form of a tweet reply from the Nokia Mobile social media team who replied to a tweet asking if the Face Unlock feature would come to the Nokia 8. The Nokia Mobile team said

The Nokia 7 Plus we have here in the office (review coming shortly) already has the Trusted Face feature found in Android’s Smart Unlock security settings. Based on that it’s likely that Nokia is referring to something a little more advanced along the lines of what Oppo, HTC and other manufacturers have baked in to their phones, which may work a little better – and faster – than what Google has employed in their implementation.

The timing is also a question, with XDA-Developers also looking at whether this could be a feature being brought in with the Android P update which is really only a few months away at this stage.

We’ll know soon enough, Nokia, or rather HMD Global, have been excellent about getting software updates out to phones so hopefully we’ll find out more about this shiny new feature.

Source: @NokiaMobile.
Via: XDA-Developers.
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    Gregory Bettridge

    I’ve got the 8 and it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. Love the regular updates and the stock android. Got a great deal through JB and Telstra just after they started discounting the model. Get one, you’ll love it

    David Anderton

    Very tempted by the 7 plus.

    When you guys do the review can you compare the camera quality to older high end phones that are a similar price such as the lg G6. All the reviews I’ve read so far are comparing the camera to an S9 or iPhone X. Which is ridiculous when this is a $450 phone and they are $1000+

    Braedan McNicol

    I have the 7 Plus, and with the Gcam app, photos are very close to the Pixel 2. The phone has the same sensor, just misses out on OIS. Downside with Gcam, you cant use the second camera.

    David Anderton

    Thanks, how’s the video quality