OnePlus have made a splash already with the OnePlus 6 with it impressing most all pundits and reviewers. At its price it is great value for money and although we know you cannot buy it directly here in Australia just yet we know you like to keep up with them, afterall it is an enthusiasts phone.

Today OnePlus have taken to their social media channels to hint, very unsubtly, that they will be bringing a new colour variant to market this week.

The Tweet may be extremely cryptic for some but many of you will know that the number C61422 included in the Tweet is a hex colour for a vibrant red.

The video also displays what we expect to be the date of the announcement, July 2 — yes, just four short days (we are assuming it will be the third Australian time). Of course where would we be in 2018 without someone leaking an actual picture of a rumoured phone online so luckily we have Slashleaks for that. Appropriately they have obtained two pictures of the supposed red OnePlus 6.

If you have not purchased a OnePlus 6 yet but have been waiting to see how the dust settles on the reviews for it now could be a good time to consider pulling the trigger on that purchase. The red is very striking and something that is sure to stand out.

Of note, Chris has our OnePlus 6 review unit going through its paces at the moment and we expect the review to be in within the fortnight if you want to wait for his opinion on where it sits within the flagship models. We will keep you apprised of any developments before, during and after the announcement on the second (or third) of July.

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Bought the Avengers Edition for the ‘carbon fiber’ back and gold switch.
Covered it with the chunky IronMan case, loved the silliness of it and haven’t looked back.


It’s a pity it doesn’t officially land here in Australia like the Razer phone.