Last year Google gave Android Auto users choice when it added Waze to the map options. Unfortunately at the time it was not available to users without an Android Auto head unit but now that has changed.

The team at @Android have today sent out a Tweet announcing the arrival of Waze on Android Auto for smartphones.

As a Waze and Android Auto user I had a quick run over it and it seems that the Waze is fully functional and it is easy to access. As with an Android Auto headunit the user just needs to tap on the maps app icon twice and select Waze.

Slowly Google have been bringing all the regular Android Auto features to the smartphone Android Auto and this new addition is yet another great addition by them. Waze is a community-based traffic and navigation app that was purchased by Google in 2013 with over 50 million users. There is no doubt that Google hope that many of those users adopt Android Auto on their smartphones now that they can use Waze on it.

Are you a Waze user or will you use Waze now that is it available with Android Auto on smartphones?

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Max Luong

I can finally switch fully to Android Auto now!

Waze needs to fix the DPI of the UI in AA more, though. Some touch targets are way too small, like finding the back button when you’ve done a search.


For a while there I was using Drivemode in preference to Android Auto, as I wanted to use Waze. Now I prefer Google Maps (and have gone back to Android Auto) as it offers alternative routes as I’m driving, whereas Waze (at least used to) limit you to exactly the route you selected before starting driving.


Google is appearing as a proper media player (for podcasts) that you can select in Android Auto now too. Previously you had to have the player running before starting AA to make the controls appear


I used Android Auto for music and phone calls, but Waze for navigation. So, happy to have them working together.

Daniel GRAY

As I have no head unit I may try Android auto again


I love waze – I love the instant traffic and real time updates and the community spirit that comes with it!