Well, it’s at the point where we know what both the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL look like, we know what’s running them and beyond some unannounced ‘special sauce’ which could possibly be unveiled at their Made by Google event next month, the question is: Will you buy a Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL or something else?

The phones will differ in size, with the Pixel 3 XL apparently sporting a 6.7″ (2960 × 1440) QHD+ resolution display while the Pixel 3 will have a 5.5″ (2160×1080) FHD+ resolution display. Internally they’ll be similar with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 and 4GB of RAM running the show with options for both 64GB or 128GB (fingers crossed for 256GB) of on-board storage. The change in size also allows the Pixel 3 XL to have a larger 3,430mAh battery than the 2915mAh battery in the smaller Pixel 3.

The camera for the Pixel 3 phones – considered the secret of the Pixel series – will include a single 12.2 MP sensor behind an f/1.8 aperture, while on the front you’ll have dual 8MP sensors for what’s been deemed ‘Super Selfies’.

We’ve seen the Pixel 3 XL will have both black and white models, and it’s expected we’ll see black and white colour options on the Pixel 3 as well – but Google usually has something special up their sleeves in terms of colours. The Pixel 3 XL will have a muted green coloured power button, and based on last years colour affectations to both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, we can expect similar stylings on the Pixel 3 phones.

Finally, Android Pie. Google has already released Android Pie to the Pixel and Pixel 2 phones, and other phones either have it (Essential) or are close to with the partners from the Beta program including Nokia, Oppo, OnePlus, Xiaomi and Sony all working hard to release it to their phones. Google however released the Pixel 2 with exclusive access to things like Lens last year, so we may see some other incentive to grab a Pixel.

The second half of the year is stacked with great handsets being released. Samsung has unveiled the Note 9, Sony the Xperia XZ3, and Oppo the Find X. There’s more on the way though with Huawei launching the Mate 20 (and Mate 20 Pro) next month, and LG should have the V40 along soon and a raft of other handsets from companies like Xiaomi. Our choices are almost endless.

So, based on the information we have, it’s time to start talking – Which phone are you after in the second half of 2018?

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Stephen Woots

6.7 inch is almost too much. O+ 6T?


Android hitva market back with the Nexus, by the time the Nexus 4 and 5 came about the price did creep up to be not at the cheaper end of the market. TODAY I use a Nexus 6P as my by bed reader and games. It’s a great phone and feels great. But what is this? An Android flagship that won’t get an update to Android 9 (utterly let down). My daily phone is a Pixel 2. Rather underwhelming when next to the 6P. Great camera on both. This year my partner had a battery fade and die a slow… Read more »


I’d like a bigger screen but I’d choose the smaller version if I was getting one. Much prefer the symmetrical clean design without a cutout interrupting my screen


Only 4G of RAM?? No thanks, OnePlus 6 it is!


I remain very happy with my Pixel 2 XL. No need for change for the sake of change. I’ll consider my options in about 12 months. But I love vanilla android. I’ve had HTC, Sony and Nexus. All had their merits
Google wins… Meanwhile I an Interested to see if a pixel watch eventuates.

Joshua Hill

Not for 12 months. Google announced NO pixel watch in 2018

Jason Berek-Lewis

I’ll be getting a Nokia when Mate 9 contract expires in February. I can’t afford a Pixel.


Can we stop calling the monstrosity on the Pixel 3 XL’s screen as a ‘notch’ and call it what it actually looks like and is the size of?

ie. it should now be referred to as a ‘bucket’.


I’ll wait for the huawei mate 20 pro… Really good specs, brilliant battery, flat screen, cheaper than Samsung… But I’ll still get it on a plan…

Munawirul Hadi

Pixel 3 is nice but that pixel 3 xl is ugly af .. I’d better stay with my oneplus 6

Greg Hortin

Still enjoying my Pixel 2XL at the moment but if I was going to upgrade this year it would be downsizing to the Pixel 3. This notch trend really needs to die.


Lets be real here these posts on new phones are troll. The only real purchase should be for a 5G enabled phone. Why fork out so much cash on a phone that will be useless in 6 months. If you need to upgrade buy an old model, otherwise hold out. Send a message to phone makers you want real features not paying huge premiums for features you song notice. That should be what the article should be about


4G phones will not be useless in six months. They’re not turning off the network, nor will 5G be prevalent enough to be worthwhile to the majority of the Aussie population.


4g will be useless in about 10 years, Telstra may shut down 3g in 2020, 4G is still in the throws of enabling voice over 4g so let’s be real, you are being a drama queen John.


4G is already 10 times faster than my WiFi why would anyone stress about missing out on 5G? 99% of people just need a connection fast enough to browse and stream video on a mobile device. 3G would be sufficient enough for 90%+ of people. Curious, what are you doing on your phone that requires speeds faster than 4G?


I want the find X from oppo the pop up camera looks like a complete game changer and no notch

Luke Vesty

Pixel 3


No one mentions the greatest feature of any phone IE the audio on the first Pixel xl …. dropped disgracefully in the 2 xl… Google if you put back that same audio recording device you will be on a winner. It’s magical in front of live music …never distorts. Every other phone is crap in comparison as all distort badly. Cheers A.


Although the 6.7 inch display does sound good for an old bloke with old eyes ,
Too me the pixels by tradition have been somewhat underwhelming for the exhorbitant price Google asks for them ,.
The value in my book is just not there when you have Galaxy phones , Huawei phones , and others that give you much more for a lesser price ..


Most of the people on here are looking for a couple things better cameras than on the phone they have (unless you have current flagship), cheap phones, great specs, large screen and vanilla android. Well the only phone that even comes close is the essential phone…5.7 inch screen, last year flagship specs, better than mid-range cameras, updates the same minute as pixel phones and probably best of all $500 Australian dollars.


Did you mean to write “Nokia 7 plus”? 😉 It meets all your essential requirements, at much the same price, plus it’s available locally with warranties


Was hoping for a pixel watch and some kind of decent 3d face unlock with the two front facing cameras. I really miss Android notifications, wanted to come back…but I will go with the iPhone XS+ and hopefully get back to Android in another year or two. I will sell my iPhone X.


Nokia 7 Plus is go. $650 for what feels like a flagship in the hand, with better battery to boot.

Wayne Moore

Depends on the price but I’m keen for 3 XL, despite the notch.

Martin Leonard

Need to do something, my Nexus 5X is struggling and I am constantly having it on a charger.

The 3XL is probably a bit on the large size for me but my aging eyes might thank me.

I looked at the Huawei P20 Pro but would prefer stock Android.

So it will probably be the 3 for me, if the old nexus 5X lasts until October!

David Anderton

Waiting for an Android one phone with a decent camera that’s not a Chinese brand. So potentially the LG G7 One or if Nokia announce the expected 9 or 7x.


What phones aren’t made in China? The Xiaomi Mi A2 is a great device with a good camera, great build and fantastic price, don’t rule it out….


Going with the Pixel 3. 5.5″ screen sounds good.


Defs the Pixel 3 XL

Pete Lindley

Due for an upgrade, but pretty underwhelmed by the Pixel 3 XL. Still chugging along with a S8+ which is fine.

I’m was hoping for something special for the Pixel range after the HTC acquisition but it’s just “meh”. I’m not even sure what software could make it stand out. I could wait for the S10 seeing nothing else has been great this year so far


Mmm every year I think I’ll wait for the new phones to come out and this year’s will become cheaper. Then suddenly the year has passed and there is the next new phone hitting the market!

But I still chugg along with my Galaxy Note 3 and still have the anticipation for the next generation to enjoy


Can’t recommend the Note9 enough. Definetly love it!


Will not be upgrading to a Pixel 3.. If i upgrade might be a Note 9


I need to upgrade this year, but still not 100% sold on any of the phones on their way. Nor on any currently out. My Z Play is starting to struggle though, and could do with a camera bump (in quality, not physically :P). Could do another Moto, or a standard Pixel, but not really into Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, Sony (anymore, did have a few great handsets of theirs)

Matthew Becker

I’m overdue for my upgrade, however I have no idea what I’ll upgrade to. I really want the HTC U12+, but its not available anywhere. Telstra’s range of headsets are pathetic, iPhone, Samsung, a couple of older Sony’s and last years Pixel phones. I was considering the Pixel 3’s, however I hate the notch on the XL and I was hoping to get something bigger than the regular size 3. The 4GB RAM is disappointing from a 2018 flagship, although I could probably live with it, if it weren’t for the notch.


What do you need more than 4GB or ram for? Even 4 seems a little excessive.

Matthew Becker

I’m a power user, any little slow down really annoys me, no matter how brief it may be. I want a phone that runs as buttery smooth 12 months down the track as it does on day 1. Plus I prefer a laid back approach to memory management, if I open an app I would like it to stay open.


I use mine pretty heavily but usually only 1 or 2 apps at a time. I suppose having a bunch of stuff open is the main use case for lots of RAM. I still think phones with 6GB are stupid.

Daniel Orchard

I find apps force close in the background all the time with pixel2xl and have to reload when switch. Same app test with mates oneplus6 8gb ram, nothing closed. I would happily pay a premium for the pixel3 with more ram if the option was available, else ill buy something else. This has also gotten alot worse with android 9, so im still hoping its a memory leak and they can just patch it in software but i am not holding my breath, i think like all new os versions, more features = more hardware requirements Also check twitter #artemsluck… Read more »

Greg McPherson

I’m happy with my first gen Pixel XL.
Nothing coming along is betterer enough to trace it, except….

I have a thing for the Red Hydrogen.
It costs at least three times more than I can justify spending, and it who knows if it turns out any good.
But I kinda want one.

So if my finances can handle it, and it gets good reviews, well, maybe…