Technology moves and often moves very quickly. At the start of the year we were amazed with the first concept phones that had an in (or under) display fingerprint sensor. Now it seems commonplace in all new phones being announced. The Samsung Galaxy S10 of 2019 looks to be no different according to a report from a Korean news site.

We are seeing several phones be announced to come with Synaptics under-display fingerprint but according to ETnews the Galaxy S10 will arrive with Qualcomm’s ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. Suppliers of the modules have been tasked to provide the fingerprint sensor modules to Samsung for a phone set to be released in the first half of next year.

While the hardware expected to be used will be the third generation of Qualcomm’s product it will be the first to be installed in a mainstream phone. Samsung were rumoured to be trying to get it ready for their phones this year but were not happy with the reliability of the sensor instead opting for the more traditional fingerprint sensor on the rear of the device.

It is exciting to see so many phones launching with a fingerprint sensor under the display. Makes you wonder if Google’s Pixel 3 will have outdated hardware by the time it is released.

Source: ETnews.
Via: DroidLife.
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Dennis Bareis

I’d rather keep the back if they added a front one particularly if you have to be careful in finger positioning on the screen