Huawei are no longer also rans in the smartphone world. Their hardware is high end and their software is innovative and getting better with every iteration. For this reason the eyes of the tech community will be on London on October 16 when Huawei unveil their next flagship, the Mate 20 series. Overnight we have seen a couple of new leaks arrive, one confirming older leaks and one entirely new, suggesting a previously unheard of variant.

Evan Blass Tweeted out a Mate 20 Pro render over night showing what appears to be an official render of the phone. The rear of the devices show the triple camera setup on the rear of the device and the lack of a fingerprint sensor on the rear. The front shows the curved display surrounded by minimal bezels along the sides and bottom and at the top is one of the bigger notches we have seen. In the middle of the display is a fingerprint – possibly showing the location of the in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Mate 20 Pro is expected to arrive with Huawei’s new Kirin 980 and packed full of RAM and onboard storage. The camera is apparently also improved on the current best in class P20 Pro which would not surprise us — Huawei are not a company to rest on their laurels, always striving to improve not just their hardware but their customer experience.

Huawei are also a company that like to tease what they have coming up and they have done exactly that with a cryptic Tweet about a Mate 20 variant that has not been heard of before — the Mate 20X. The short video shows a block of ice (“cooler” and “longer gaming”) with a FPS game on it along with the accompanying hashtags of #HUAWEIMate20X and #UltimatePerformance.

This Tweet suggests that not only will Huawei will be announcing a gaming phone called the Mate 20X in London on the 16th of October but that it will have some kind of cooling mechanism to allow longer gaming along with their highest specs resulting in the “ultimate performance”. It would not be much of a stretch to think that Huawei would release a gaming phone considering their Chinese competitor Xiaomi have released one as well as Asus and Razor.

Whether this phone ends up arriving here in Australia is unknown but we expect it may come in some small volume at some stage. Huawei have somehow kept the existence of this phone a secret, but it’s a secret no more. You can bet that folks will be doing all they can to find out information about it before it’s announcement on October 16 in London.

Huawei look to have yet another great looking device with some cutting edge hardware in both of the above phones. We look forward to bringing you all the latest on it in the lead up to the big unveiling.

Anyone interested in the Mate 20 Pro or a gaming phone built by Huawei?

Source: Gixchina.