It seems that Pixel 3 owners are getting at least one more exclusive feature in Android 9 Pie that hasn’t reached even the other Pixel phones, with a new Easter Egg being discovered.

Google has a long history of including easter eggs in their new versions of Android, harking back all the way to a zombie themed easter egg included in Gingerbread. The Android 9 Pie release was somewhat disappointing with the easter egg seemingly missing, at least until someone tried out the usual avenue on a Pixel 3.

The method to activate the easter egg is the same as in previous versions, open up Settings > About Phone and then tap on the Version Number (and again when it opens the floating window), then tap multiple times on the ‘P’ and then hold to launch a drawing app. The drawing app is similar to the other drawing apps we’ve seen in Keep and even Allo, with options for brush size and a range of colours including an eye-dropper to sample more.

The Easter Egg didn’t work on the Pixel or Pixel 2, so it looks like it’s a Pixel 3 exclusive for a while but like many exclusive Pixel 3 features that may not remain the case for long.

Via: Android Police.
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    Google please fix all the issues before doing this kind of useless things.