Google’s file browser for emerging markets, Files Go, has received a decent update in the latest version rolling out now with addition of new features including Advanced Browse, a Media player and more.

The announcement of the new version was made on reddit by Google Product Manager Joris van Mens, likely due to at least one of the new features being requested by redditors themselves. There are four new features included in the latest version:

  • Advanced browse: lets you dig into the folders on your phone (as requested by redditors)
  • Secure app installs: checks any app you receive to see if it’s Play approved (for easy installation & auto-updates)
  • Faster sharing: connections now take less than 5 seconds (on avg.) and we’ve seen transfer speeds over 500 Mbps
  • Media player: built-in media playback for audio and video, including background audio playback

The media player is a very much appreciated feature by regular users of the app, as is the Advanced Browse allowing you to use Files Go more like a file browser than a simple utility for managing space. Google has long rejected the need for a built-in file manager, but it seems they’ve finally come around on this.

Since its launch, Google has been steadily building out the functionality of the file browser. Google isn’t done with the browser either, actively searching out new feature suggestions which you can see in the reddit thread. Suggestions include the ability to mark folders as not to be deleted, and option to send whole folders not just files.

The update is rolling out through Google Play so check your updates.

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Via: reddit.