The reluctance of some car manufacturers to use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay is sheer pig headedness. Their infotainment systems are old, clunky, outdated and usually unintuitive. Slowly but surely most manufacturers are being brought onboard the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay bandwagon, albeit kicking and screaming. Mazda is the latest manufacturer to join the party.

Last week a dealer bulletin leaked which detailed the new update that was coming that would be able to retrofit Android Auto to your Mazda. The pricing of the parts was also included which was $202.28 for the hub module and $101.12 for the cable harness. Now the final cost has also been revealed — a very sensible $494.98 considering the cost of the parts.

The update/upgrade is available to all Mazda cars fitted with the the MZD Connect infotainment system which is 370,000 cars Australia-wide — those sold from early 2014 onwards. The update takes just a few hours which is great news for busy owners.

The ability to fully integrate this technology into our existing offering will give Australians another reason to choose Mazda, but we are especially happy that it is something we can offer to our existing community of customers. Mazda Australia CEO Vinesh Bhindi

This is not the first foray for Mazda into the new infotainment world with them having it fitted in their BT-50 Ute thanks to an Alpine-sourced head unit. Their latest CX-9 SUV model was the first to have Android Auto fitted to standard equipment and all of their updates and new models in the future are expected to arrive with it as standard.

It is great to see Mazda not just fitting out their new vehicles with Android Auto but also not forgetting about their current customers/users and offering an extremely affordable retrofit to bring their cars into the 21st century.

If you have a Mazda eligible for the update give your service centre a call and book in for Android Auto as soon as possible.

Source: Car Advice.
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Thushar Kumar

I’m thinking of installing AA on my Mazda CX-5 2018 using mazda tweaks. And go to Mazda with $494.98 only if I brick the system. Good idea?


Great initiative Mazda, I really do hope other manufacturers get on board.
Price seems great in comparison to getting an aftermarket one fitted… maybe not comparing to the mazdatweaks route.


@Sear go see another dealer or ask your dealer top look into it.. we’ve booked our 15 touring cx5 in for the update… from 14 onwards they have the same mzd connect system


Not sure why there is hardware required at such a cost. Mazdatweaks installs Android Auto using software only. Been using it for ages on my Cx-3 and it works great.


Because this is the most reliable solution. The updated USB cables will also add fast charging for devices that support it.


Yeah, $500 is not reasonable price for something you can do for free with Mazdatweeks, works perfectly on my 2016 CX5 and also saved myself the cost of a $600 navigation SD card, I can use Waze or Google Maps, both with live traffic and Waze also has the benefit of speed camera/ police trap locations.


What about Mitsubishi. The system on my 2017 Eclipse X is terrible. Android not available for touch pad. I would not have bought this car had I known. And having to use a USB cable to connect is messy. Noel


My dealer is telling my my 2015 CX-5 Touring doesn’t qualify for the retrofit, darn it!!!

Scott Plowman

what was their reason? Mazda say otherwise


I hope Honda will follow suit, else I won’t be buying their cars again.


I wish Nissan would do the same for our 2017 Xtrail. “Nissan Connect” just doesn’t work. We want voice recognition!

Scott Plowman

you are right. Nissan infotainment is terrible as are the maps. i use it half of the week. In the UK Nissan are installing AA but in Australia they think they know better.

Clyde Jones

*sigh* if only Toyota would join the party…