Let’s be honest, Sonos are a big deal when it comes to streaming speakers. They have a range of speakers suitable from bookshelf, through to high powered, room-filling speakers as well as soundbars for your living room which all attach through their ecosystem. Perhaps the only major issue is that they play it safe when it comes to presentation – but HAY for Sonos One is set to open that door.

The HAY for Sonos One Limited Edition Collection has arisen out of a partnership with Danish design brand HAY and Sonos and is designed to create “accessible, contemporary products with an eye for modern living and sophisticated industrial
manufacturing, combined with a curiosity to further explore the dimension of colour.”

The collection is set to bring a spectrum of colours to the Sonos One range including Vivid Red, Forest Green, Pale Yellow, Baby Pink and Light Grey — an interesting, yet clever, set of colour choices that will offer complement or contrast to your home decor.

Available from early November 2018 on sonos.com, at HAY store in Sydney and Cult Design in Melbourne for $349. The Sonos One variant will have all the same onboard features as the Sonos One that Scott reviewed as well as getting the upgraded capabilities when Sonos update for Google Assistant “soon”.

Does the Sonos One HAY range have an appeal for you in your home?

Source: Sonos.
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Michael Fenley

I got Google assistant on my HEOS speakers which I got from West Coast HiFi. Sounds a lot better than the Sonos


Don’t believe Sonos when it says it will add the Google Assistant “soon”. This claim has been going on for years, with the Google Assistant still nowhere to be seen.

If you want a speaker with Google Assistant, there are many other brand that have it now.