Finding the cheapest NBN plan can feel a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are now countless providers selling NBN access, ranging from big names to small players, and they all change their deals on a regular basis. Bargain hunting isn’t as easy it used to be when we only had like ten telcos to choose from.

But if you after a great deal, we’re here to help. Below we’ve got the 10 cheapest NBN plans with at least 100GB for each NBN speed tier, ordered by price. We’ve gone with a minimum of 100GB because we could only find a NBN plan with less.

The cheapest NBN 12 plans with at least 100GB

The cheapest NBN 25 plans with at least 100GB

The cheapest NBN 50 plans with at least 100GB

The cheapest NBN 100 plans with at least 100GB

Across the board, there’s a few things worth noting:

The key to saving money on your plan is getting a lower data allowance. If you think you can get by with just 100GB, it’s possible to bring down your monthly bill by a decent amount. However, if you’re looking at NBN 100 speeds, Spintel’s 500GB plan is $0.05 cheaper than Exetel’s 100GB plan. Spintel will make you commit to an 18-month contract, whereas Exetel’s plan is available contract free.

While NBN 12 plans are the cheapest option around, you should probably avoid these unless you have very basic internet needs. At best, you’ll be getting ADSL era speeds on an NBN 12 connection. We ran a survey a couple of months ago, and NBN 12 subscribers were the most dissatisfied customers on the NBN by quite some margin.

There are also a few offers worth calling out. Click Broadband, Sumo, and Tangerine will all give you your first six months at a discounted rate. Since these plans are contract-free, you can always swap to another provider when your discount runs out. If you want a cheap unlimited data NBN plan, swapping providers every six months isn’t the craziest idea. Well, as long as telcos keep running this style of promotion.

And if you just need an NBN connection for the sake of maintaining a landline, there’s two options that could be worth considering. TPG has a $30 per month plan with 10GB of data, and Telstra has a range of NBN-powered phone plans that start at $29.95 per month.

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