OnePlus these days spend a lot of time in the news for good reasons and it continues this week with them showing other manufacturers how to do software. Very few manufacturers, possibly Google only, bring software updates to older phones almost immediately when they are announced on a new phone. OnePlus have done exactly that this week with the OnePlus 6.

When the new software goodies were announced at the OnePlus 6 launch last week Kyle Kiang from OnePlus promised that all the new software enhancements would arrive on the OnePlus 6 by the end of the week. True to their word it arrived in beta form on Friday and just three days later arrived to the stable channel. As per usual it is a rollout so you may not have it yet but setting a VPN to Canada managed to force the update with our OnePlus 6.

The new update brings their new navigation gestures, power consumption has been optimised along with the new photo tweaks including Nightscape and Studio Lighting “to enhance face contour”. There are a few other small tweaks and bug fixes but they have also included the November Android security patch — now that is quick.

In what is not really a surprise OnePlus have also released another colour of the OnePlus 6T into the Chinese market. At the launch Kyle did say that the colours “that were available at launch”, implying that more would be available later. Now they have released a “Thunder Purple” variant into the Chinese market. The colour is reminiscent of the Twilight colour of the Huawei phones — it seems to change shade at different views and positions on the phone.

The Thunder Purple variant is available in a 8GB/128GB variant for ¥3599.00. At this stage it is unclear if this colour will make it to their other regions but we hope the colours don’t stop there. A red or white version would sell well without a doubt.

In the end the 6T may be a hard sell with the only difference between it and a OnePlus 6 is a teardrop notch and in-display fingerprint sensor — especially as no doubt the OnePlus 6 will most likely drop in price drastically now. The software between the two devices is now identical but for those who want the smaller notch and the cutting edge tech with the fingerprint sensor the OnePlus 6T is still great value.

Anyone here using a OnePlus 6 and has updated the software? Have you tried out Nightscape yet? Who has ordered a OnePlus 6T?

Source: Droid-life.
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My update was there when I woke up this morning. I just took a quick photo with night mode and it came out pretty clear. It took a minute or two to “optimise” I don’t think I’ve ever taken a night photo before so unfortunately I can’t say if it’s better than before but I’m pretty impressed that One plus gave the new software to the six so quickly. Another reason to love oxygen OS in my opinion


There’s a seller on ebay called acelectronic13 for the 8gb 128gb 932 dollars, using the Ebay promotion code 10% off ” PROPER10 ” brought it down 839 and using 1% cash back brought it down to roughly $830! Australian stock too from what the seller says


There’s no such thing as “Australian stock” of OnePlus phones tho


I have the OP6 and downloaded the update last night….the gestures are great. Nightscape is hit or miss. I can still draw an ‘O’ on my screen to turn on the flashlight when the screen is off. I think I like Oxygen OS better than I like Stock Android….


I bought mine from Kogan just gotta wait a few weeks for it come. 8gb/128gb mirror black model. I have used Kogan for a long time and trust them.


My 6t is on it’s way here now through ShopMate, not bummed about the new “purple” (lavender?) colour; ‘once you go black’, and all that


I got the midrange one with 8gb RAM and 128gb storage; was $589 US ($831 AU on card) including the shipping to the Shopmate facility, then Shopmate shipping plus GST etc was $115.

So $946 all up…


Hahaha I was just meaning the middle model of the three RAM/storage variants OnePlus has released ;).

Paul Miller

I got my update last night – I think it was 345mb and downloaded/installed pretty quickly – no need for a VPN. Haven’t had much of an opportunity to put any of the tweaks to the test, although it does appear that some of the new system gestures conflict with the ones I’ve already got in place with my launcher (whichever way I try and draw a circle, for instance, the phone interprets it as me wanting to pull over either a screen to the left or right of the home screen).


Bugger, on my 5 I use the circle to turn on and off the flash light. Not really a problem I guess for me unless they roll these changes out to the 5 as well.

Paul Miller

My Android Security patch level shows as 1 November 2018 and my build number shows as A6003_22_181026 and I have ‘Night’ functionality on my camera (if that is the ‘Nightscape’ functionality) but haven’t had the opportunity to try it out yet – it not being ‘night’ yet. I’ll try and make a point of taking some photographs with the function tonight.