Samsung is one of the very few last hold outs to the notch. Although we were hoping that next year would signal a move beyond the notch to another solution it sounds as if Samsung will be bringing a notch to their lineup.

According to perennial leaker, Evan Blass who has an amazing strike record with his accuracy, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will indeed have a notch. Rather than go for a “traditional”notch Samsung are moving to a cutout instead. We saw Samsung show off some notch possibilities last week at their developer conference — seen below — and from the leak it seems that Samsung are opting for the “Infinity-O” option, as much as we would prefer the “New Infinity” display. The cutout apparently also cannot be hidden within the status bar as a notch could.

Image Credit: Android Police

Evan not only revealed that the Galaxy S10 will have the Infinity-O display but will also include an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor and a triple rear camera setup. The cutout apparently

While we were hoping for behind the display camera and proximity sensors in 2019 it seems that we won’t be seeing that in the Galaxy S10 series next year. That doesn’t mean other manufacturers won’t include it as we saw this year with manufacturers such as OPPO and Vivo innovating with no notches with no bezels and different front camera options.

Anyone think Samsung are still playing it too safe or is this something they need or rather can do? It wouldn’t surprise me if Samsung waited for certain technologies to improve so they can offer the best experience to their customers going forwards.

Source: 9to5Google.
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It’s a sad world, that everyone wants a notch.

If a not (or cutout – same thing) is so fantastic, why not have one on your homr TV too, or have multiple notches, like we saw last week.

It reminds me of Dr Seuss’ star-bellied sneeches. People want a notch because they see other people with a notch.