Samsung launched the Galaxy S9 nine months ago now, and as with most companies they tend to use new colour variations to reinvigorate sales as time goes by. The latest is a simply gorgeous Ice Blue gradient colour variant.

The Ice Blue gradient starts off in a very low-key blue at the top which gradually fades to an almost white at the bottom. As you can see from the pictures of the rear, and sides of the phone, the colour change isn’t just limited to the rear with the sides also showing the colour fade.

Samsung has already been using colour gradients on their mid-range phones like the Galaxy A9, but is apparently looking at introducing gradient colour options for the Galaxy S10, so trying it out on their top-end 2018 consumer focused phone is a good opportunity to get feedback and make a few extra sales as well.

The colour variant is disappointingly only being offered by Samsung for both the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ on their online Chinese retail store, with no announced plans to expand it globally. If you really want one, you’d probably have to know someone in China to do the heavy lifting of ordering and shipping it to you where it will cost you 5,499 CNY ($1094.91 AUD) and 6,499 CNY ($1294.02 AUD) respectively.

Source: Samsung China.
Via: SamMobile.