There are a vast number of messaging apps available to the user but our favourite here at Ausdroid is Telegram. Today the folks have updated Telegram to v5.0 bringing a heap of new changes to the platform.

The new update to Telegram brings a new addition to the Translations Platform — the ability to create your own custom language pack. This will allow anyone to create their own language to be used in Telegram such as Maori, Scottish Gaelic etc (not sure if Klingonese would be possible but never say never). Translations made can also be easily shared to other users.

Instant View has also be upgraded to v2.0 in the latest update bringing support for right to left languages, blocks of related articles, image links, tables, horizontal scrolling and more. Telegram are asking the community to help improve it even more and are set to announce a new “croudsourcing contest” to “make Instant View pages available for an even larger part of the internet.”

The design of the app on Android has also received an overhaul making it easier to access shared media from profiles. The Shared Media view also now offers higher quality previews and an improved loading speed with added information in the file description.

Settings has also been redesigned promising a “more streamlined experience” with more categories to find things easily in the update along with the ability to zoom videos during playback and browse full resolution images sent as documents.

The update is now available on the Play Store and if you don’t use Telegram maybe check it out and give it a shot. With a server based overseas it may well be a messaging app that the #AABill cannot touch.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free
Source: Telegram.
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“With a server based overseas it may well be a messaging app that the #AABill cannot touch.”
This is the part I would like to know more about.