Barbeques Galore has launched an app that helps customers choose the right BBQ, heater or furniture requirements for their entertaining space. The app includes Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities to visualise how their new BBQ, heater or furniture products will look in their entertaining space, all from the comfort of their own home via a smartphone or tablet.

The Barbeques Galore At Home app, which launched today, includes an AR feature which simply allows customers via their iPhone or Android powered device to “place” the product inside or outside spaces at home to see and help envisage what it will look like.

Barbeques Galore has said that over 100 products in ‘ultra-realistic detail’ will be available to choose from through the app, which was developed in partnership with Inhaabit – a company that specialises in AR technology – and remove some of the hesitation that comes when customers are unsure if a product will suit their home.

Barbeques Galore CEO Luke Naish has said to Inside Retail (AU) at the launch of the iOS app earlier last month, that:

Traditional retail sales channels such as showrooms, catalogues and websites are key customer experiences in the pathway to purchase, we are now excited to add to this with our at home app. It is a move to continue supporting our customers in the channels they move to and play and continue our status as a category leader.

By giving customers the best way possible to see our products within their home environment, we are helping them make the best purchase when they come in-store.

The app has been made possible thanks to Google’s Android AR ecosystem and has been a while in testing, given the company released the iOS app earlier last month.

The Barbeques Galore At Home app is free to download for free from today from Google Play.

BBQ Galore - At Home
BBQ Galore - At Home
Developer: BBQ Galore
Price: Free

Source: Barbeques Galore.
Via: Inside Retail (AU).