How many tabs do you have open in Chrome on your Android phone right now? If you’re like me, it’s likely over 50. Soon though you’ll be able to close all those open tabs, likely containing webpages that are no longer relevant, with a single tap.

The option to close all your open tabs with a single tap is being worked on in a code commit to the Chromium repository which was discovered by Chrome Story. The code commit, called ‘Three button tab switcher bottom toolbar’, describes the introduction of a three button toolbar at the bottom of the page, including a close all tabs button:

[Duet] Three button tab switcher bottom toolbar

This CL makes the tab switcher bottom bar have three buttons:
close all tabs, new tab, and menu buttons.

For reference, here’s how it will look like:

The time-frame for implementing this isn’t clear, but with a 6-week cycle for Chrome releases it’s possible we may see this in Chrome Canary for Android shortly before it makes its way down through the Dev and Beta channels to Stable in short order. It’s a decent improvement for functionality, with many of my tabs well overdue for closure, hitting a button to close all these tabs in one go will be a big benefit.

Source: Chrome Repository.
Via: Chrome Story.