It seems that Samsung isn’t the only manufacture designing and building its own foldable phone, with a leak coming from Even Bass showing a short video of a what is possibly Xiaomi-made foldable phone.

The leak, in the form of a video clip, has been shared via twitter and is very dimly lit but still shows very little bezel in landscape mode, which the user then folds the other two side under to create one conventional-sized smartphone. Evan says that he cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video or device but has been told that it is made by Xiaomi.

Reports surfaced last year from ET News who reported in July that Xiaomi was developing an “outfolding” phone with a possible launch sometime in 2019. Given that Xiaomi has been pushing the boundaries with their smartphone designs as of late, with the Xiaomi Mi Mix series one of the first phones we saw without a notch or top bezel, we do not have a hard time believing that Xiaomi could be developing this device.

It will be interesting to see if this three-panel foldable phablet is indeed made by Xiaomi and how it will compare to others in the works from Samsung and LG.

Source: Engadget.